Sunday, February 28, 2016

2016 Decluttering Challenge: Part 3 (Family Closet)

Five years ago, Tal and I turned our master bedroom closet into a family closet. In other words, we keep most of Savannah's and Hadley's clothes in our closet:

Having a family closet is an unconventional idea, but it works great for our family. Our master bedroom is downstairs, while the girls' bedrooms are upstairs. Tal and I bathe and dress the girls in our bathroom, so it makes sense for us to keep their clothes nearby in our closet. Obviously, we won't have a family closet forever because Savannah will want privacy in the next year or so.

As part of my 2016 Decluttering Challenge, I pared down the girls' clothes to 10 outfits and used a label maker to label Savannah's and Hadley's plastic drawers:

Since I labeled the drawers a couple weeks ago, Savannah has become more independent, responsible, and helpful. She can put together her outfits easily, as well as put away her clothes and Hadley's clothes in the labeled drawers.

I also cleaned out and reorganized my side of our closet:




Afterwards, I donated 6 bags of clothes and shoes to Goodwill.
What a great feeling! 

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