Sunday, February 22, 2009

Savannah's First 10 Days

As expected, the last 10 days have been full of adjustments. Overall, Savannah has had more "quiet" moments than "fussy" moments. Tal and I are practicing patience and learning how pacify Savannah when she cries for several hours. Tal likes to joke that Savannah must be afraid she's going to miss something if she goes to sleep. :-) We're hopeful that each day will get better and better as Savannah adjusts to life outside the womb and as we settle into a feeding and sleeping routine.
We're so grateful that the Lord has blessed us with Savannah. The last 10 days have been an adventure as Tal and I have learned a few things about Savannah:
  • She doesn't like to wear hats or booties.
  • Savannah kicks off her covers when she sleeps.
  • She likes when we talk or sing to her.
  • Car rides often put Savannah to sleep.
  • Savannah prefers to keep her hands uncovered when she sleeps.
  • She likes to snuggle on Daddy's shoulder.
  • Savannah is still learning how to relax when she gets the hiccups.
  • Most newborn clothes are too big on Savannah.
  • Savannah usually wails when we give her a bath or change her diaper.
  • She prefers to sleep with a night light.
  • Savannah is still learning how to take a pacifier.
  • Her eyes are sensitive to the sunlight.
  • Savannah's appetite has nearly tripled since we brought her home from the hospital.
Tal and I received a good report when we took Savannah to the pediatrician for her one-week check-up last Friday. Savannah has regained her original birth weight of 6 lbs. 12 oz. All of her vital signs, bodily functions, and reflexes are normal. We'll go to the pediatrician again in three weeks. We're thankful for our healthy baby girl!

Monday, February 16, 2009

We're Home!

Tal and I like to joke that Savannah was our Valentine's Day gift to each other. We brought home our sweet baby girl on Valentine's Day.

Savannah's First Car Ride
(our ride home from the hospital)

Tal and I have discovered that taking care of a newborn can be just as challenging and exhausting as everyone told us. However, every day seems to get better and better as we learn more about Savannah and her needs. We're slowly settling into a routine at home. We love our bundle of joy!

Who Loves Baby Savannah?



Grandma Barbara

Uncle Benny

Aunt Renee

Aunt Angie

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Savannah is here!

Savannah Elaine Anderson

Born Thursday, February 12, 2009

5:43 A.M.

6 lbs. 12 oz.

20 1/2 inches long

We're thrilled that Savannah has arrived! I was induced late Wednesday, February 11. My labor went smoothly and quickly. I delivered Savannah in less than 5 1/2 hours. (Tal thought it was pretty funny that Dr. Anderson [no relation] delivered Baby Anderson.)

At first, we thought Savannah looked like her mommy and daddy. More and more people lately, however, have been telling us that Savannah looks like Tal. What do you think?

In addition to having strawberry hair, Savannah has her daddy's blue eyes, white eyelashes, and a dimple on her chin. She has her mommy's long fingers, small nose, and curved mouth.

Already, Savannah has brought us so much joy. She is a sweet and happy baby who is easy to pacify. We love her to pieces!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

"S" is for Savannah

Tal and I got bored waiting for Savannah to arrive, so we thought we'd teach Savannah how to spell her name early. :-)

Spring, Here We Come!

Being 70-degrees outside yesterday (and no Savannah yet), Tal found it impossible to pass up an opportunity to work in our yard.

Tal created a flower bed by laying gray landscape blocks around the big oak tree in our front yard.

Within the next couple months, we'll finish the project by adding soil and flowers to our new bed.

Emily's Twins!

On Friday, February 6, my dear friend Emily delivered her twin boys, Xavier and Ansel, at 38 1/2 weeks. Yesterday, three from school visited Emily in the hospital. Emily and her babies are doing well!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

40 Weeks TODAY!

Today is February 5, 2009--my due date--and Savannah is taking her sweet time making her debut. :-)

When Tal and I went for our 40-week appointment today, Savannah's heartbeat was strong at 140. Although we have no idea how much Savannah weighs, it's obvious that she's done some growing during the last week. My belly grew 2 cm--from 38 cm to 40 cm.

Since my last visit, my body hasn't progressed much for labor. I'm still 80% effaced, and I haven't started dilating. Also, according to the doctor, although Savannah has dropped head-down for delivery, she still has a ways to go.

If Savannah doesn't arrive within the next week, then I'm scheduled to be induced on Friday, February 13.

Tal and I trust that Savannah will arrive in the Lord's timing. We're eager to hold Savannah very soon! Stay tuned!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

39 Weeks and 3 Days

...But who's counting? Savannah's due date is Thursday--just four days away! Tal and I are SO ready for Savannah to get here...whenever she decides to join us. :-)

Tal and I received some good news when we went to our 39-week appointment at the OB last Friday. Everything looks good as Savannah and I prepare for labor and delivery. Savannah's head is deeply embedded in my pelvis. Also, as of last Friday, I was 80% effaced and in the -1 position.

We also learned that our OB practice has a "hands-off" policy until 41 weeks. In other words, the doctor might consider induction if Savannah hasn't arrived by February 12.

Tal talks to Savannah every day in hopes of coaxing her out of the darkness and into the light. When we talked to Tal's mom today, Barbara said that she's thinking about driving to Raleigh, so she can have a talk with her granddaughter--who is already showing signs of stubbornness. :-)