Saturday, August 17, 2013

Pure Love

On August 9-10, our family spent the weekend in Salter Path where we visited Tal's family. When we arrived, we ate a seafood dinner at Uncle Benny, Aunt EJ, and Baby Harper's waterfront home:

Savannah on the dock behind Uncle Benny and Aunt EJ's house:

During our stay, I was reminded how much love, joy, and fun children bring to our family. 
Just look at the mutual love between Savannah and Harper:

I love how gently Savannah takes care of Harper:

Mother Daughter Love

Harper and Aunt EJ

What a smile!

Beautiful Blue Eyes

Savannah loved sitting with Harper:

Check out Harper's leg strength! 
Harper is almost 5 months old, and look how well she can stand with assistance. 
We predict she'll be an early walker:

Cutie Pie!

On Saturday afternoon, Tal, Savannah, and I took a quick dip in the ocean before we drove back home.
We walked on the boardwalk behind Grandma's Barbara's house to get to the beach:

Daddy and Savannah

Savannah's Name in the Sand

Hula Dancing

On August 8, I attended a luau at Savannah's preschool. Savannah's class had been learning about the people, culture, and volcanoes in Hawaii. At the luau, Savannah and her classmates put on head leis and grass skirts and did several hula dances to Hawaiian music. The picture below captures how much fun Savannah had dancing for me at the luau:

Check out the cute grass skirt the Savannah made for the luau:

Disney Junior Live

Yesterday Princess Savannah, Grandma Barbara, and I 
had a great time at Disney Junior Live:

The show featured some of Savannah's favorite Disney characters:

Princess Sofia


Jake and the Neverland Pirates

Captain Hook

Mickey and Minnie

Savannah, as well as many other kids, came dressed up as 
princesses or pirates for the show:

The show was high-energy and age-appropriate...

...and included a lot of audience participation:

During the 90-minute show, the cast invited the audience numerous times 
to stand up, clap, and chant (as Savannah is doing below):

In the picture below, Savannah is saying "argh" like a pirate:

Grandma Barbara treated Savannah to some cotton candy during the show. 
Check out Savannah's blue tongue:

Savannah was captivated during the show:

I love this picture because it captures Savannah's 
pure joy and excitement:

What a great experience!

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Roller Skating for the First Time!

On August 6, Savannah went roller skating for the first time!

It was Christian Skate Night at the local rink, and Savannah and 
I met some friends from church. It only cost $5 to skate, 
so it was an inexpensive and fun evening to try something new. 

Savannah held onto my hands or the side of rink as we "skated." 
It took us an hour to go around the rink one time, but we stopped periodically to 
rest and practice "skating" on the carpet (which was a lot easier than skating on the slippery rink).  

Savannah had a great time...and that's all that matters!