Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Disney Vacation: Part 2 (Disney Springs)

During our Disney vacation, we spent one day at 
Disney Springs (formerly Downtown Disney):

But first we ate a big brunch at Golden Corral, 
where Savannah, Harper, and Hadley acted silly in the parking lot...

...and gave hugs to Hadley:

At Disney Springs, we visited the waterfront:

Harper, EJ, and Benny

Our family:
Savannah (6) and Hadley (14 months)

Harper and EJ did the Disney cheer:
"Yay for Disney!!"

Grandma Barbara, Harper, and Savannah did the Disney cheer:
"Yay for Disney!!"

We spent several hours walking around Disney Springs...

...and browsing in stores (like the Lego store below):

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs were made out of Legos:

At a Disney store,Tal introduced Hadley to Goofy (his favorite Disney character):

Savannah met Princess Aurora...

...and Cinderella:

It was a hot, humid, and sunny day in the mid-80s, 
so we stopped periodically for rest and water breaks:

Tal, Hadley, and Savannah ran through the fountains to cool off:

Hadley rode the carousel for the first time!

All of us were tired by the end of the day:

Before we left Disney Springs, we stopped by Starbucks...where we all got Vanilla Bean Frappuccinos (which taste like snow cream and are cold and refreshing on a hot day):

Inside Starbucks, Tal gave Hadley kisses (and a straw to keep her entertained)...

...while Savannah and Harper took naps:

We had a fun family day at Disney Springs!

Sunday, December 27, 2015

Disney Vacation: Part 1

Our family is ready for our Disney vacation! Savannah and Hadley can't wait to meet Mickey and the princesses for the first time. We will be spending 7 days in Florida with Grandma Barbara, Benny, EJ, and Harper. Our Disney trip is an amazing Christmas gift from Grandma Barbara!


For Christmas, I gave Savannah, Harper, and Hadley matching Disney shirts from Etsy:

Saturday, December 26, 2015

Christmas 2015

Yesterday our family took a day trip to Benny and EJ's house to celebrate Christmas. We left at 8:30 A.M., drove 2.5 hours, and returned home by 5 P.M. We were blessed to spend the day with 13 family and friends, including Grandma Barbara, Gran and Granddaddy, Uncle Kenny, cousin Brandi, EJ's dad, and our family friend Ms. Bernice. 

Benny, EJ, and Barbara prepared a delicious lunch that included prime rib, a salad bar, potatoes, and stuffing. For dessert, we sampled pecan pie and Italian rum cake. 

After lunch, we gathered in the living room, where we exchanged gifts as a symbol of our love and appreciation for one another.

It was a good day filled with fun, food, and fellowship!

Merry Christmas!

Benny cut the prime rib:

Savannah made music for Grandma Barbara:

Harper and Hadley

Grandma Barbara and her 3 grand girls:
Savannah, Harper, and Hadley

Hadley played with the giggle doll that Uncle Kenny gave her:

Below is the 2016 photo calendar that I created for Gran and Granddaddy:

Savannah can't wait to use this kit to decorate chocolate and cupcakes!

Gran and Granddaddy were excited to get Bojangle's coupons from Benny and EJ:

Below are the gifts that Savannah and Hadley received.
Savannah was thrilled to get lots of new make-up!

Savannah and Hadley were also blessed with some adorable new clothes:

EJ painted this NC State art for Tal's man cave.
Tal's mom gave us a new Rubbermaid containers:

Friday, December 25, 2015

Random iPhone Photos

These photos are dark, blurry, and untouched, 
but they capture everyday moments that I want to remember forever.

September 2015
Hadley (11 months) ate watermelon for the first time!

November 2015
Hadley (13 months) loves to put my phone on her ear 
and pretend to talk on the phone:

November 2015
Playing on the monkey bars at the
 park on a warm afternoon after school

December 2015
Savannah's Elfie Selfie

December 2015
The day we ordered Savannah's first pair of glasses!

December 2015
This is Hadley and her babysitter Yu. Thanks to Yu for taking care of  Hadley every day for the last 10 months. We will miss Yu when she starts her new job. Grandma Judy will be taking care of Hadley and Savannah from January 5-22. Starting on January 25, Yu's mother-in-law Hiroko will take of Hadley while Tal and I are at work.