Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Night Owl

A couple weeks ago, Savannah turned into a night owl. She's been struggling to fall and stay asleep at night. She'd prefer not to sleep in her own bed.

In fact, on a few nights, Savannah dragged her blanket and baby into the upstairs loft area (which overlooks our living room) and fell asleep on the floor while Tal and I watched TV below (as shown below).

Tal and I joke that Savannah is afraid that she's going to miss something if she falls asleep. :-)

New 'Do

Over the last 5 months, I've really enjoyed seeing Savannah's hair in a ponytail or pigtails. (After all, I waited 2 years for Savannah to have enough hair for an up-do!) As usual, Savannah, however, has a mind of her own. :-) She prefers to wear her hair down. As a result, Savannah and I have had daily hair battles over the last few months. 

Last week, I decided to make my life easier and took Savannah to get a haircut. The stylist cut off 3 inches and gave Savannah an adorable chin-length bob (as shown below). Admittedly, I miss Savannah's cute pigtails. However, our mornings are much easier and calmer now--which I love. Even with shorter hair, Savannah is still my Strawberry Shortcake!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Pumpkin Farm

Last Sunday, Savannah, Grandma Barbara, and I celebrated fall's arrival by visiting a local pumpkin farm. The weather was cloudy and breezy, but the rain stayed away!

All of us had a wonderful time riding the train, taking a hay ride, and picking out pumpkins. We'd love to make a trip to the pumpkin patch an annual tradition--and stay more than a couple hours next year!  


Corn Bin

Giant Slide

Surprisingly, Savannah LOVED the giant slide--
and slid down 3 times on Grandma Barbara's lap.

Savannah and Grandma Barbara were full of
smiles and giggles when they reached the bottom!

As shown below, Savannah is 3 ft. tall--the length of a yard stick!

Looking at the Bunnies

Riding the train around the farm

Running through the hay tunnel

Pumpkin Patch

Picking Pumpkins

Grandma Barbara encouraged Savannah to pick out a big pumpkin.
However, Savannah kept saying she wanted a "baby pumpkin."
She wanted to hold and carry her own pumpkin (as seen below).

Grandma Pumpkin, Baby Pumpkin, and Mommy Pumpkin

Hay Ride

Tal and his mom in front of our house

Pumpkins on our front steps

Every night, Savannah asks to visit the pumpkins
on our front steps. :-)

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Labor Day Weekend

Over Labor Day weekend, Tal, Savannah, and I stayed with Tal's family in Salter Path.

On Saturday morning, I walked on the beach:

On Saturday night, we watched an amazing 15-minute fireworks display from Grandma Barbara's house:

Most of all, however, we just enjoyed spending time together and swinging on Grandma Barbara's front porch...

...pushing Savannah in her swing....

...and pushing Savannah's babydoll
 (whom Savannah calls "my sister") in the swing. :-)

Hurricane Irene

A couple weeks ago, Tal's mom and grandparents, who live on the coast of NC, evacuated to the mainland to ride out Hurricane Irene.

Thankfully, when they returned home, Tal's mom and grandparents only discovered minor damage overall--like some missing shingles. Irene also blew over the fence (as seen below) at Tal's mom's house. We're thankful that the Lord protected Tal's family and their belongings during the storm!

A Smelly Problem...Solved!

For about 7 months, we stored our trash cans in our garage...until the smell practically knocked us over whenever we entered the garage.

Last weekend, Tal came up with a simple, cost-effective solution to a smell problem.

He leveled the ground on the side of our house and laid 15 landscape pavers to put our trash cans on.

No more stinky garage. No more trash cans in our front yard.  

Who knows? In the future, we might fence in our trash cans.  

God Bless America

September 11, 2011

Tuesday, September 6, 2011