Saturday, February 27, 2010

What a Mess!

Tal and I try to keep things out of Savannah's reach. At least once of week, however, one of us forgets to put the diaper bag back in the closet. As a result, Savannah always manages to find the baby wipes inside the diaper bag. Savannah waits until Mommy or Daddy isn't looking, and then she pulls out ALL of the wipes within a couple minutes! :-)

Pucker Up!

On her first birthday, Savannah figured out how to drink out of a straw for the first time! Over the last couple weeks, Savannah's become pretty good at slurping water, lemonade, and sweet tea.

1 Year Old!

I turned 1 year old on February 12!

I weigh over 21 lbs. and
measure 30 inches long.

I've been wearing 12-18 month old
clothes since the end of December.

I like to take off my shoes and
put them in my mouth.

I like when Daddy carries me around
on his shoulders...

...or holds me upside down
for a couple seconds.

This week two of my back teeth poked
through. I now have 6 teeth!

I'm not standing or walking on my
own yet...

...but I'm really good at cruising
around the house.

A couple weeks ago, I figured
out how to open drawers...

...take out items,

...and throw them on the floor.

I always laugh when Mommy
and Daddy say "stinky,"


...or "ssssssss."

I like to play with the remote controls.

Sometimes I even change the
TV channels!

Mommy and Daddy are thankful
that I'm a healthy...

and happy little girl.

Happy 1st Birthday, Savannah!

On February 13, the morning of Savannah's 1st birthday party, we woke up to find a pretty sight--a couple of inches of snow on the ground!

We were thrilled that 15 of our family and friends came to help us celebrate Savannah's birthday at a local chicken and BBQ restaurant.

Savannah with Grandma Barbara
and our friend Amanda

Great Granddaddy and Grandma Smith

Aunt Angie and her son Brent

My friend and colleague Annette with Ansel

My friend and colleague Emily
and her son Xavier

Emily's husband David
and their son Ansel

My church friend Dixie with
her daughter Hannah

Our tasty lunch included fried chicken, BBQ, hush puppies, potato salad, and cole slaw:

The bakery at Wal-mart made Savannah's chocolate and vanilla cupcake cake and rainbow smash cake:

Watch the special video below to see us sing Happy Birthday to Savannah:

Watch the hilarious video below to see Savannah eat her smash cake. Savannah put both hands in her cake and stuffed her face. She was an adorable mess!

Daddy and Mommy with the Birthday Girl
Savannah had fun opening her birthday gifts, which included some adorable spring outfits, as well as plenty of toys with buttons, music, and lights.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Better Than a Hallmark Card

When Savannah and I got home from school today, this is what we found on the kitchen counter--a hastily penned note (on a Subway napkin) from Tal before he left for Washington, D.C.

Little "Bow" Peep

Savannah is one year old, and she finally has enough hair for a bow. Whoohoo!