Monday, April 26, 2010

Almost There

Savannah is almost walking! Once in awhile, Savannah lets go and stands on her own for a couple seconds before she lands on her bottom. A couple times, Savannah has even taken 1-2 steps!

Watch the videos below to see Tal and Savannah walk on the sidewalk in front of our house. In her own time, Savannah will have the confidence to let go and take off on her own. In the videos below, Savannah is only holding onto Tal's pinky finger!



Saturday, April 24, 2010

Mending Fences

This weekend Tal rebuilt our sagging, backyard gate and part of our fence. Tal did a great job of making the new fence sections look identical to the older ones. Unlike our previous gate, our new one swings and closes easily!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

14 Months Old!

I am 14 months old!

Mommy and Daddy can't believe
how much I've learned to do over
the last month!

I can do an Indian chant when I put
my hand over my mouth.

I can point to my nose.

Everyone says that I look like Daddy.

I think it's really funny to hide
behind the sofa.

I can point to my eyes.

I really like to open drawers,
pull out everything, and make messes.

I can point to my belly button
(and Mommy's and Daddy's, too).
I think it's really funny to lift up
my shirt at Wal-Mart and show
everyone my bellybutton.

I'm tall enough to touch the doorknobs,
but I haven't figured out how to
open the doors yet.

I like pointing at fans and lights...

...and pictures in my books.

I think it's funny to hide my
food in my high chair.

I can point to my teeth.

I have 8 teeth--6 on top and 2 on the bottom.

I like to giggle and show off my toothy grin.

I like to bop my head to the music.

I just learned how to nod and shake my head,
but I haven't figured out what "yes" and
"no" mean yet.

I love to wave "hi" and "goodbye."
I even say "ba-ba" when we
get ready to go "bye-bye."

I can point to "ma-ma," "da-da,"
and Savannah in pictures.

I can point to my hair.
(I can brush my hair, too.)

I had fun playing in Grandma Barbara's
sink over Easter weekend.

I love to sputter and smack my lips.

I just learned how to knock on doors.
(By the way, I'm not walking yet, but
I'm really good at cruising.)

Our Egg-stra Special Girl

I promised Tal's mom that I'd post some pictures of Savannah in her Easter dress. Grandma Barbara was so sick on Easter Sunday that she doesn't remember how cute Savannah looked.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Forever Young

I want Savannah to grow up
and stay little forever.

I hope I'll always remember her long red eyelashes.

I hope I'll always remember how Savannah's
red hair changed from auburn to
strawberry blonde depending on the day.

I hope I'll always remember how I loved
to kiss Savannah's rosy cheeks...

...and her small hands.
I hope I'll always remember how Savannah fluffed
and played with her hair.

I hope I'll always remember
Savannah's infectious giggle...

...and toothy grin.

I hope I'll always remember how much fun
and joy Savannah brought into my life.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Easter Egg Hunt

Watch the videos below to see Savannah hunt for Easter eggs in our living room. Tal and I had fun watching Savannah dump her basket of eggs, pick up each one, and then drop it in the basket. She did a great job depositing the eggs into her basket!