Monday, February 27, 2012

Savannah is 3!

I turned 3 on February 12!

I weigh 31 lbs.
(50th percentile)

I am 38 inches tall.
(75th percentile)

I have grown 2 inches in the last 4 months.

I wear 3T tops and bottoms.

However, my 3T pants are getting too short.

Mommy says I'll wear 4T spring and summer clothes.

I wear size 8 shoes.

Talking to Grandma Judy on my birthday

I have strawberry blonde hair.

I have blue eyes like Daddy.
I am left-handed.

I LOVE stickers.

Mommy and I listen to Toddler Tunes
to and from school each day.

If I'm a good girl at school (no biting, no hitting, no pinching),
I get to watch Barney on my DVD player on my ride home
from school.

I like books and toys with buttons that make noise.

On Saturday and Sunday mornings,
I like to watch cartoons (Dora and Mickey Mouse)
in Mommy and Daddy's bed.

I love dancing and singing.
I have natural rhythm like Daddy.

I like Chapstick.

I love drawing and coloring.

I love markers, crayons, and scissors.

I like cooking in my play kitchen.

I've started calling myself Savannah more often
(as opposed to Banna).

I'm Mommy and Daddy's best girl!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Pink and Orange Elmo Party

Our sweet Savannah turned 3 on February 12! 

On Saturday, we had a wonderful time celebrating Savannah's birthday
with 40 family and friends (including 12 kids) who came to
Savannah's pink Elmo party at our house:

For the party decorations, I purchased a personalized
Elmo party printable package from Shindig parties on Etsy.

I printed all the water bottle wraps, table tents,
cupcake toppers, favor tags, door signs, etc.
that are seen below in coordinating pink, red, and orange patterns:

Pink Tissue Paper Poms
(that I bought at Party City and made myself)

Mini Cupcakes
(from Wal-Mart)

Elmo Water Bottles

Cookie Monster Cookies

Grover's Goodies

Big Bird Brownies

Elmo Juice Boxes
(from Wal-Mart and Target)

Fozzie Bear Fruit
(Applesauce on the Go)

Elmo's Chips

Favor Bags
(with Goldfish crackers, crayons, stickers,
and a stamper for each child)

"Elmo loves his goldfish and crayons, too.
Now so can you!"

"Thanks for celebrating with me!"

In lieu of balloons, I put "Welcome to Savannah's Street" signs
on our mailbox to welcome guests.

When kids arrived, they colored personalized coloring sheets:
"Savannah is 3!
"Happy Birthday, Savannah!"
"E is for Elmo"
"S is for Savannah"


For party food, Tal grilled burgers and hot dogs,
while I picked up Little Caesar's pizzas.


Uncle Kevin and Uncle Benny

Alice and Aunt Angie

Savannah and Daddy

McKenzie and Savannah

Great Grandaddy Anderson and Savannah

4 Generations!
Great Grandaddy Anderson, Tal, Savannah, and Grandma Barbara

Savannah and Grandma Barbara

Savannah and Daddy

Great Grandaddy Anderson, Tal, Savannah, and Grandma Barbara

Savannah and Uncle Benny

3 Generations!
Daddy, Savannah, and Grandma

Birthday Girl!

Grandma Barbara and I created a simple cupcake display
(with chocolate cupcakes that Savannah and I made and Grandma frosted)
for Savannah to blow out 3 candles.
Notice the cupcake that Savannah ate is missing:

Savannah was showered with birthday gifts!

Savannah received many of her favorite things:
coloring sheets
stuffed animals
makeup kit
play kitchen items

Thanks to everyone who came to Savannah's party
and made her birthday such a special occasion!