Sunday, June 30, 2013

Happy Teeth

On June 25, Savannah took a trip to the dentist:

She wore sunglasses to protect her eyes from the 
bright light and watched Doc McStuffins while the 
dental hygienist cleaned her teeth:

Savannah did an excellent job and got a good report (no cavities!), 
so the dental hygienist gave her two tokens:

Savannah was so excited to put her tokens in the Treasure Tower...

...and get two balls as rewards for her happy teeth!

Preschool Memorable Moments

Each day, Tal and I enjoy getting a daily report from Savannah's preschool, which includes a memorable moment from her day:

1. Savannah enjoyed singing into her microphone today. She sang "Jesus Loves Me."

2. Savannah did a great job signing in (by writing her first name) this morning. She wrote all of the "a's" in red and the other letters in blue.

3. Savannah made a huge castle today! There was a big scary monster inside.

4. Savannah enjoyed using the geoboards today. She made different shapes with rubber bands.

5. Savannah made pizza for Ms. Candace out of moon sand.

6. Savannah was excited to tell Ms. Lindsey all about her weekend at her grandma's house. She said she had a lot of fun, but she missed Ms. Lindsey.

7. Savannah and a friend had so much fun looking at the family pictures today. They for all of the moms and dads.

8. Savannah was a mermaid baby while outside today. She had to lay down and wait for the mermaids to come.

9. Savannah was so excited to play the new Franklin game. She said there was so much fun stuff on there!

10. Savannah colored pictures of plants in art today.

11. Savannah drew an awesome picture of a dinosaur. It was eating a friend. Oh, no!

12. Savannah had so much fun playing hula hoops outside today.

13. Savannah enjoyed exploring with the magnets today.

14. Savannah enjoyed playing in dramatic play today. She put on sunglasses and went to the store.

15. Savannah played babies today and got her baby ready for "the flying ship that is going to outer space."

16. Savannah loved playing in dramatic play today. She was really excited to wear sunglasses.

17. Savannah loved visiting with Toy the Clown today. Savannah was even one of her special helpers.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Big Girl Bedroom: Nightstand and Memo Board

About a year ago, Tal and I bought this pair of nightstands 
for $40 at Goodwill for Savannah's bedroom:

Tal sanded down the nightstands....

...and painted them in Behr's Ultra Pure White:

Then, I spray painted the hardware pink 
to tie in with Savannah's bedding:

And here's how the nightstand looks 
in Savannah's bedroom today:

Above the nightstand, I hung a memo board to display
Savannah's photos and mementos: 

I gave Savannah a stack of photos, and she chose the 
ones she wanted and arranged them on her memo board: 

With the memo board, Savannah can change the photos 
easily and have pictures of Grandma and Uncle Benny 
nearby when she falls asleep each night:  

Source List:
Nightstand repainted (Goodwill)
Lamp (Homegoods)
Memo Board (Michaels)
Letter "A" repainted (Marshalls)

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Big Girl Bedroom: Alphabet Art

When we spotted Savannah's initials "SEA" at Marshalls and TJ Maxx, 
Savannah loved the idea of putting them on display in her bedroom: 

The "E" and "A" were the wrong color, so Savannah and I 
repainted them using some leftover craft paint that 
coordinated with Savannah's bedding:

I gave Savannah a brush and let her paint the first coat on 
the letters (which she loved). When Savannah was done, I gave the letters 
another coat and then spray painted them with some poly to make them 
glossy and more durable:

Savannah's initials are a great way to add some color and personality 
 to the bookcase, dresser, and nightstand in Savannah's bedroom!




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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Big Girl Bedroom: Reading Nook

In Savannah's bedroom, I created a 
cozy spot for reading, playing, or hanging out:

On the floor, I put a comfy hot pink bean bag from Target:

 Now it's one of Savannah's favorite spots to relax!

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Big Girl Bedroom: Ikea Spice Racks as Bookshelves

Under the gallery wall in Savannah's bedroom, 
Tal hung four bookshelves:

Actually, the bookshelves are Bekvam Spice Racks from 
Ikea. They were a natural wood color, so I gave them 
several coats of white spray paint:  

Pottery Barn sells similar bookshelves for $39 each:

My budget-friendly bookshelves cost $4 each:

The bookshelves are a pretty way to display 
Savannah's favorite books, including Biscuit and Fancy Nancy:

Tal mounted the shelves at Savannah's height, 
so she can pick out and put away her books easily: 

Plus, since the bookshelves are forward-facing, 
Savannah can see the book covers:

The bookshelves are an attractive, inexpensive way 
to promote reading and organize Savannah's books! 

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Big Girl Bedroom: Dresser

Do you remember this dresser that Tal and I bought from 
Goodwill for Savannah's bedroom in August 2012?

Tal used his palm sander to remove layers of paint:

Then, I primed and painted the dresser with 
several coats of Behr's Ultra Pure White:

Next, I added some silver drawer pulls...

...and put some pretty patterned paper inside:

Here's what Savannah's dresser looks like today:

I hung wall art from Homegoods along with a chevron frame 
from Michaels and a letter "E" for Savannah's middle name:

I love how all of the items tie in nicely 
with the pink, turquoise, yellow, and green color scheme!

Source List:
I Love You to the Moon and Back Wall Art (Homegoods)
Chevron Picture Frame (Michaels)
Letter "E" repainted (Marshalls)

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