Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Everyday Moments

These random iPhone photos are dark, blurry, and untouched,
but they capture everyday moments from the last couple weeks.

While I was in VA last weekend, Tal took Savannah and Hadley to the mall, where they played in the play area, ate dinner in the food court, and looked around in a few stores. At Claire's, Hadley loaded up her arms with purses and put on glasses (like Savannah):

While Tal and Savannah went golfing last weekend, Hadley and I ate dinner and played at McDonald's:

On Tuesday, I had a workday, which means a sub taught my 6 classes while I did some library work in my office. During my planning period, I picked up lunch for me and Savannah. I had a $10 gift card from PDQ, so we enjoyed eating chicken tenders and fries in the school cafeteria. 

On my workday, I spent a couple hours making this growth mindset bulletin board. To save time, I printed the letters and mindset statements from Teachers Pay Teachers: 

Savannah was ecstatic when she discovered a new tooth poked through her gums:

Hadley made this beautiful handprint art at her babysitter's house.
I'm putting Hadley's art in her memory box:

Beautiful finger painting by Hadley:

A few weeks ago, Hadley and I checked out some Rookie Toddler books from the public library in our neighborhood. We loved the series so much that I requested some additional titles from the series. Our library has about 35 other Rookie Toddler titles that we can check-out later :

These books do a great job of helping Hadley learn colors, animals, counting, and opposites. Hadley, who will turn 3 on October 10, knows her colors, as well as can count to 10 and recognize common animals and their sounds. 

Monday, August 28, 2017

Savannah's New Glasses!

Savannah picked-up her new glasses today! She said, "Everything is clearer, and I can see so much better now."

Over the last few weeks, Savannah has been squinting and saying that she can't see across a room. Last week the eye doctor confirmed that Savannah's eyesight has worsened since she got glasses 20 months ago.

Last week when Savannah got fitted for new glasses, she tried on lots of styles and colors. In the end, however, she selected these pink frames that are very similar to her previous glasses. They fit the size and shape of her face. They also flatter Savannah's natural beauty, including her freckles, strawberry blonde hair, and pink undertones.

Being able to see clearly will help Savannah have a successful year in 3rd grade this year!

Sunday, August 27, 2017

Visiting Emily

In June, I said goodbye to my best friend Emily. Her husband got a new job in the Washington, DC area, so Emily, her husband, and two boys moved four hours away:

June 2017

Emily has been my best friend for 10 years. In 2007, Emily and I became friends when we started working at the same school. Emily was the school counselor. I was the librarian. Five years ago, Emily and I went in different career directions, but we maintained our friendship by having monthly lunch dates at Panera (without our kids).
June 2017
Savannah (8), Hadley (2), and Xavier (8)

During our 10 years of friendship, our lives have been filled with joys and blessings. For example, in 2008-2009, Emily and I were pregnant at the same time, and our babies were born less than a week apart in February 2009:

Also, Emily and I have supported one another during the pain, loss, and/or disappointment from the death of a parent, a job change, infertility, pregnancy, parenting, children with special needs, mental illness, etc.

Emily and I are trusted friends and confidants. We can talk about anything...without fear of judgement.We laugh and cry together. We are honest and vulnerable.  We listen, love, support, and encourage one another through the good times and hard times. 

June 2017

This weekend I drove to VA to see Emily and her family. It was my first solo vacation since Savannah was born 8.5 years ago. During the four hour drive, I listened to 11 podcasts and discovered some new places for our family to visit. For example, I discovered that Kerr Lake is 30 min from our house, while the Virginia state line and Lake Gaston are 45 min from our house. The amusement park Kings Dominion is only a 2.5 hour drive.

During my stay, I loved reconnecting with Emily, as well as seeing her new house, playing with Emily's boys, hanging out at the pool, and getting 10 hours of uninterrupted sleep.

I'm looking forward to seeing Emily again in November!

Emily's new house

Emily and Xavier (8.5)

Felix (4.5)

When I got home on Saturday afternoon, Tal, Savannah, and Hadley were eager to give me a thoughtful Hallmark card that they picked out and decorated while I was gone:

"Hoping today is a good day for you...
because you're thought about more often than you can imagine, 
and cared about so much more than words could ever say."

Tal, Savannah, and Hadley included this sweet, handwritten note:

"We love you Mommy.
Love your 2 girls and Daddy
We were thinking of you.
Welcome back to our special lady.
Tal, Savannah, and Hadley"

I love my family!

Thursday, August 24, 2017

Everyday Moments

These random iPhone photos are dark, blurry, and untouched,
but they capture everyday moments from the last couple weeks.

During bedtime storytime, Hadley and Savannah read aloud books to each other:

Over the last couple weeks, Hadley has enjoyed reading the book Where is My Nose? that she checked out from the public library. She acted out parts of the book:
"Here is my nose. 
Where is your nose?
I can honk my nose.
Beep! Beep!
Now you try!"

Hadley blinked her eyes while she read the book:
"Here are my eyes.
Where are your eyes?
I can blink my eyes. 
Blink! Blink!
Now you try."

Check out Hadley's fishy mouth:
"Here is my mouth.
Where is your mouth?
I can make a fishy mouth.
Glub! Glub!
Now you try!"

Hadley wiggled her ears:
"Here are my ears.
Where are your ears?
I can wiggle my ears.
Wiggle! Wiggle!
Now you try!"

Last Saturday, the girls and I had a play date with our friends Amanda and Tyson:

We enjoyed swimming in an outdoor pool:

Tyson and Hadley, who were born a month apart, looked adorable holding hands:

First Love:

Savannah used some money from her piggy bank to buy the game Pop the Pig. The girls have enjoyed feeding hamburgers to the pig, pushing down the pig's head, and watching his belly grow bigger and bigger...until it pops!

On August 21, the day of the solar eclipse, the principals at my school gave teachers this note... well as a chocolate glazed Eclipse Donut from Krispy Kreme and some eclipse viewing glasses:

Hadley was all smiles when I took this picture of her in the pediatrician's office earlier this week. In reality, however, our baby girl has had a pretty rough week. She has had quite a bit of pain and fussiness.  Last weekend Hadley got 6 bug bites...that unfortunately got infected a couple days later. She's taking an antibiotic for her staph infection, so hopefully she'll be feeling better soon:

On Saturday, September 9, our family is looking forward to cheering at NC State's first home football game of the season. Tal and I haven't been to a college football game in over 11 years. The girls and I bought the football tickets from one of our an early birthday gift for Tal!

In art class, Savannah used macaroni, string, and beans to make a hamburger:

On September 23, we are scheduled to have our annual family pictures outdoors (weather permitting). Our color scheme will be navy and coral. Savannah and Hadley will be wearing matching navy floral dresses. I will be wearing a denim shirt dress, while Tal wears a coral shirt:

Now it's time for a flashback photo. On Facebook, one of my teacher friends recently posted this picture from August 2010. Seven years ago, some of my teacher friends and I had a play date at a local mall. (Savannah was 18 months old.) All 9 of us were teachers at the same school and had babies during the 2008-2009 school year. Such a fun memory!

Check out Savannah's new glasses (which will arrive next week)! Over the last few weeks, Savannah has been squinting and saying repeatedly that she can't see something across a room.  Today the eye doctor said that Savannah's eyes have changed a lot since she got glasses 20 months ago.

Savannah tried on lots of glasses in various styles and colors (including pink, purple, and turquoise). In the end, however, she (with my input) chose glasses that are age-appropriate and very similar to the ones she already owns. Savannah's new pink glasses complement her strawberry blonde and her pinkish skin tone, as well as fit the size and shape of her face.

After Savannah got fitted for her new glasses, the girls and I ate chocolate frozen custard at the place next door. The eye doctor gave us a $5 gift card!

Friday, August 18, 2017

Everyday Moments

These random iPhone photos are dark, blurry, and untouched,
but they capture everyday moments from the last couple weeks.

Earlier this week, I took this picture of Hadley before she walked into Great Clips to get a haircut. However, the haircut didn't happen. Hadley refused to sit in the barber's chair. When I tried to hold Hadley in my lap, she started flailing her arms and legs. Hadley says she likes her long hair, so I guess she's going to have long hair:

Savannah reads at least 20 minutes a day. In the picture below, she was reading aloud to Tal before she went to gymnastics class:

Hadley enjoyed wearing Savannah's headphones, while she listened to Kidz Bop in our car:

Savannah took her piggy bank to the bank...
..and anxiously waited while the machine counted her money:

 Savannah had $27.07 in her piggy bank!

On Thursday afternoon, Grandma Barbara drove three hours to our house and brought gifts for the girls: 

Hadley enjoyed using the plastic scissors and knife to cut up pieces of playdoh from her Doc McStuffins box: 

Savannah was super excited when Grandma brought her a lava lamp for her bedroom:

After work/school on Thursday, our family (including Grandma Barbara) went to see The Embers in an outdoor concert:

The Embers concert was the last concert in the FREE summer beach music series that is held every Thursday from 6-9 PM from April-August in a local shopping area.

We set-up our chairs an hour before the show. The concert area was surrounded by shops and restaurants, so we got Chick-fil-a for dinner and ate our food while we waited for the show to start:

Before the concert, Savannah played a game and won an NC State T-shirt... 

...and an NC State Women's Volleyball poster:

 Hadley wore her sunglasses and ear plugs during the show:

Savannah snuggled with Tal: 

During the show, the girls and I got Ben and Jerry's ice cream for dessert. I got fudge brownie ice cream, while Savannah got chocolate chip cookie dough in a waffle cone:

Hadley made a mess eating her brownie batter ice cream:

Grandma Barbara and Savannah snuggled during the concert:

Tal danced with Hadley:

Savannah and Hadley loved getting a piece of gum from Grandma Barbara during the show:

When The Embers played some Kidz Bop songs like Uptown Funk, Savannah sang along and Tal played air drums:

After The Embers concert, Grandma Barbara slept at our house last night. This morning Grandma and Savannah had a breakfast date before Grandma drove three hours to her house. Grandma and Savannah ate breakfast at McDonald's, and then Grandma dropped off Savannah at school: