Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Christmas 2017: Part 2 (Christmas Day)

On Christmas morning, Savannah and Hadley woke up at 7:15 A.M. and opened the rest of their presents at our house:

Savannah received an emoji outfit and socks, while Hadley got a tricycle and cash register:

The picture below is blurry, but I'm including it anyway because I only have two pictures of me at Christmas:

We left our house at 8:30 A.M. and drove 2.5 hours to Benny and EJ's house to eat lunch and open presents.  (We usually meet at Gran and Grandaddy's house, but unfortunately they were unable to join us today because they were recovering from the flu.)

We enjoyed spending time with family, eating yummy food, and receiving some wonderful gifts!

Grandma Barbara with Tal, Savannah (8), and Hadley (3)

Family T-shirts
Benny, EJ, and Harper

Hadley and Grandma Barbara

EJ and Harper

Presents under the tree at Benny and EJ's house

Harper's ornament

The girls loved riding the unicorn and horse that Harper got for Christmas:

Harper on her unicorn

Hadley on Harper's horse

Brandi (Tal's cousin) got a UNC Pepsi tree from Benny and EJ:

UNC Pepsi tree

Poor Harper had a stomach bug today:

Grandma Barbara and Savannah

Benny got a restaurant gift card from us:

Savannah and Hadley got Flip Zoo dolls from Grandma Barbara:

Grandma Barbara looked at the 2018 photo calendar that I made for her:

Tal and Hadley opened presents:

Hadley got a nightgown from Grandma Barbara:

Mommy's Girl

Uncle Kenny got a money tree from Benny and EJ:

Uncle Kenny won over $500!

Savannah got a bracelet making kit from Brandi:

Harper got a new bike from Grandma Barbara:

Hadley and Grandma Barbara

Savannah and Grandma Barbara

Harper baked a birthday cake for Jesus, and we all sang Happy Birthday to Jesus:

Blowing out the candles on Jesus's birthday cake:

After spending three hours at Benny and EJ's house, we started driving home. About 1.5 hours from home, we stopped at Tal's Grandaddy's house, where we visited with family:

4 generations!
( Tal's Grandaddy is standing in the middle with the black jacket and red shirt.)

At Grandaddy's house, the girls received new clothes, a stuffed animal, and a throw blanket:

After 5 hours of traveling on Christmas Day, we arrived home at 5:30 P.M. and picked up Chinese take-out for dinner. It was a full and blessed day...filled with lots of family, food, and love!

Monday, December 25, 2017

2018 Photo Calendars

For Christmas, I made 8 Shutterfly photo calendars for us and our immediate family (as I've done over the last few years):

On PicMonkey, I uploaded some of my favorite photos from 2017 and then created the collages below for the calendar pages. To save time, I made the collages throughout the year and saved them in a folder on my laptop.

To make the calendars more meaningful, I personalized the pages for each family or individual. For instance, my mom's calendar includes pictures from her trips to NC, as well as pictures of her with Savannah and Hadley.

Creating the photo calendars was a labor of love, and I hope they bring fond memories of our 2017 adventures!

 2017 Family Photos

The flower photos that Savannah took for Economics Day:

Harper's 4th Birthday Party

Mother's Day

 Golfing on Father's Day

July Beach Vacation

July Beach Vacation

July Beach Vacation

NC State Football Game

Pumpkin Farm

 October Beach Vacation

October Beach Vacation

NC Seafood Festival

Home Depot Kids Workshop

Sisterly Love

Home Depot Kids Workshop

NC State Fair


October Beach Vacation

July Beach Vacation

Pumpkin Farm

Christmas Parade

Cousinly Love