Wednesday, April 29, 2015

To Eat or Sleep?

Tal and I introduced Hadley to solid foods a few weeks ago when she turned 6 months old. So far, Hadley loves peas, green beans, and carrots. She is less excited about squash and sweet potatoes and doesn't seem to like bananas at all. Over the next few weeks, Hadley will be sampling more fruits for the first time. Depending on how hungry she is, Hadley will eat 2-4 oz. of solids twice a day plus 20-25 oz. (6 bottles) of milk. Such an exciting milestone!

Hadley fell asleep after eating some peas and milk:


Before we left Wrightsville Beach on April 16, 
Grandma Judy and I took the girls to The Oceanic for lunch:

We loved watching the ocean waves while we ate lunch:

Then, we walked on the Oceanic Pier:

Surprisingly, we were the only ones on the pier:

Grandma Judy, Hadley (6 months), and Savannah (6)

Monday, April 27, 2015

Proud Mama Moment

Today Savannah received an award from her kindergarten teacher for self-discipline. 
Tal and I are so proud of Savannah!

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Hadley's First Time on the Beach!

During our stay at Wrightsville Beach, we spent one morning collecting seashells and building sand castles on the beach:

Hadley, who is 6 months old, sat on the beach for the first time!

Savannah ran on the beach:

Hadley and Grandma Judy played on the beach:

After playing on the beach, the four of us ate the brunch buffet in the hotel restaurant. 
The waffles and omelets were delicious, and the ocean views were amazing! 

Best Friends

Savannah and I often talk about how Hadley is her sister AND best friend. We talk about how friends will come and go as Savannah grows up, but Hadley will be her sister forever...and that's why Savannah should always treat her sister with love, kindness, and respect. Having a best friend is precious, and my heart's desire is that Savannah and Hadley will always have a close relationship in which they enjoy talking and spending time together. 

So far, Savannah and Hadley adore one another (as seen below). The girls were playing, laughing, and snuggling on the bed while I was ironing clothes:

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Picture Day

Savannah's kindergarten picture below is hilarious! If I had known the photographer was going to take a full body shot, then I definitely wouldn't have let Savannah wear her neon pink biker shorts and tennis shoes  with her pretty dress on picture day. She definitely makes a fashion statement!

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Room with a View

While Grandma Judy was in NC last week, we spent three days at Wrightsville Beach. We stayed at Shell Island. It's our favorite hotel on the island because it's surrounded by the ocean and Sound on three sides.

Beautiful views from our room

When we weren't swimming in the pool or walking on the beach, 
we were watching TV or playing in our room:

Grandma Judy and Hadley

Sitting Pretty

Over the last week, Hadley has been sitting up on her own for 10-15 minutes before she topples over. What an exciting milestone!