Saturday, October 29, 2011

Beauty at the Beach

While my mom visited us in NC a couple weeks ago,
Savannah, Grandma Judy, Donna, and I spent
October 10-12 relaxing in Wrightsville Beach, NC:

We stayed at the lovely Shell Island Resort:

Our hotel was surrounded by water on three sides:

The Ocean Side

The Sound Side
(at high tide)

The Sound Side
(at low tide)

Marshes in the Sound

View from our Hotel Room

During our first two days at the beach,
the weather was cloudy, chilly, and VERY windy.

We ate lunch at our favorite restaurant on the island,
The Oceanic, which overlooks the Atlantic Ocean.

Beach Side of The Oceanic

Beautiful ocean views--even on a cloudy day!

Oceanic Pier

Moody Skies

Check out the sea foam!

After lunch at The Oceanic, we ate hot glazed doughnuts 
at Krispy Kreme--a NC tradition. 

On the third day of our beach trip, the weather was 
warm and sunny with Carolina blue skies.

Savannah was so brave. 
She loved getting her feet wet and running in the water.

(Another) Love a Fair

On October 15, our family had a blast visiting the NC State Fair with Grandma Barbara and Uncle Benny.


Savannah played a game with Grandma Barbara:

Savannah adores her Uncle Benny!

Savannah, who is 36 inches tall, was tall enough to ride
several rides by herself. She was such a brave girl!

 In keeping with tradition, Savannah got weighed at the fair. 
Savannah, who will turn 3 in February, weighed in at 29.7 lbs!
Uncle Benny loved his deep fried Snickers bar:
On the other hand, all of us were less than impressed 
with the red velvet funnel cake with cream cheese frosting. 
(It tasted like a regular funnel cake with red food coloring.)

Hands down, the deep fried pecan pie was our favorite treat of the day!