Saturday, February 28, 2015

Tummy Time

This morning I grabbed my camera and snapped these impromptu photos when
Tal was dressing Hadley and playing with her on our bed: 

I love the photos above because they remind me so much of these photos of 
Savannah when she was 7 months old.
Do you think Hadley and Savannah look like sisters?

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Winter Wonderland

Today is Snow Day #7! 

We received 5 inches of snow while we slept
(as Savannah is showing below):  

It was a beautiful winter wonderland in our neighborhood:

The snow was heavy and dense, but thankfully we didn't lose power: 

The weight of the snow caused the trees on the sides of our house to bend over, 
but hopefully they will bounce back:

The girls and I played in the snow this morning: 

Savannah slid into the snow: 

Hopefully, the snow will melt over the next couple days, 
and we'll head back to school on Monday!

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

More Snow Days!

Yesterday morning, the girls and I were dressed and ready to leave for school at 6:30 A.M. when we found out that school was delayed two hours due to snow. School was canceled an hour later, and it snowed for 9 hours yesterday.

Today is Snow Day #6 in the last week. We're expecting up to 13 inches of snow tonight, so we probably won't go back to school until Monday. 

Savannah spent some time catching snowflakes on her tongue... 

...making snow angels:

...and writing names in the snow:

The girls and I have spent the last two days sitting in front of the fire, watching episodes on DVR, and swimming at the Y. It has been so enjoyable and relaxing! 

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Celebrating Savannah's 6th Birthday!

Savannah turned 6 on February 12! Savannah's birthday was filled with many special moments. At the beginning of the school day, Savannah appeared on the morning news show, where she helped lead students and staff in the Pledge of Allegiance. Then, I ate lunch with Savannah, and we passed out birthday cookies to her classmates in the cafeteria. 

Tal got home at 3 PM, so we could celebrate Savannah's birthday as a family. At Savannah's request, we ate dinner at On the Border, a Mexican restaurant. 

For dessert, Savannah got an ice cream sundae and sopapillas (fried pastries sprinkled with sugar):

After dinner, our family went to Claire's at the mall, where Savannah and Hadley got their ears pierced. For a several months, Savannah had been begging to get her ears pierced on her 6th birthday...and her wish came true!

At Claire's, Savannah picked out the two pink glittery make-up boxes below as her birthday presents. When we got home, Savannah loved opening her birthday presents, including the make-up below, from Grandma Judy. Savannah also received some money from Gran and Grandma Barbara, which Savannah used to buy a dry erase calendar (not pictured):

Happy 6th Birthday, Savannah, and we look forward to your birthday party on Saturday!

Snow Days!

Yesterday was our first snow day of 2015 (and Hadley's first snow day ever)! We actually received more ice than snow. Thankfully, however, we didn't lose power due to ice on the power lines. We're grateful that Tal made it to and from work safely in about an hour each way. The girls and I stayed in our jammies all day, took naps, and played in the snow. Today school is canceled again, so we might be a bit more productive and adventurous around lunchtime. Savannah and I are enjoying our snow days but not looking forward to making them up on Saturdays since we go to a year-round school.

Savannah (6) and Hadley (4 months)

Blowing bubbles

 Snow angels

Throwing a snowball


 Sliding into the snow