Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Savannah's First Day of Kindergarten!

Savannah rocked her first day of Kindergarten today!

It meant a lot to us that Grandma Barbara 
drove 3 hours to send off Savannah on her first day of school: 

None of us shed a tear today.
Instead, all of us were full of excitement...
especially Savannah who has been ready for Kindergarten for a few months:

Tal, Grandma Barbara, and I walked Savannah to her classroom: 

Then, Savannah put her lunch, bookbag, and purse in her cubby...

...and sat down to play blocks with her new friend.
She hardly noticed when we left!

After school, Savannah couldn't stop talking about everything she did on her first day!
She said she didn't have enough time to finish her lunch 
and that the 20-minute quiet (nap) time wasn't long enough! 

I'm really excited that Savannah is attending Kindergarten (5 full-days a week) 
at my school...which is a mile from our house:

I'm looking forward to seeing Savannah in the hallls...

...teaching her once a week when her class comes to the library for specials:

...eating lunch with her in the cafeteria once in awhile:

...and attending her class celebrations and field trips:

Savannah is looking forward to hanging out in the library with me before and after school...

...and eating lunch in the cafeteria like a big kid: 

 Savannah is going to have a great year!

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

'Twas the Night Before Kindergarten

Savannah starts Kindergarten tomorrow!

Our family took Savannah out to dinner to celebrate her first day of school!
Grandma Barbara let Savannah choose where we ate...

...and she picked a yummy Mexican restaurant:

Savannah is so excited about Kindergarten...

...especially going to Mommy's school

...and eating lunch in the cafeteria:

Savannah took the picture below.
She wanted to take a picture of baby Hadley
...and make sure sure she was included in our special evening!

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Glucose Test (Part 3)

Today I found out that I have gestational diabetes. When I took the 3-hour glucose test on Monday, my glucose levels were high in 3 out of 4 blood draws.

Next, I will be referred to a perinatologist, a doctor who specializes in high-risk pregnancies. I'll learn how to manage my diet and diabetes during the last 3 months of my pregnancy.

Although I wish I didn't have gestational diabetes, I'll do whatever is necessary in order to ensure a healthy baby and smooth delivery.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Glucose Test (Part 2)

I survived my 3-hour glucose test today! To prepare for the test, I had no food or water for 12 hours. When I arrived at the doctor's office, I drank a sugary fruit soda, which made Hadley flutter around a lot in my tummy. Thankfully, I didn't get nauseous, faint, or tired from the fast and drink like I expected. To help time pass in the waiting room, I entertained myself by watching the Today Show and reading my HGTV magazine. I had my blood drawn at 8:15, 9:15, 10:15, and 11:15. After the test, I broke my fast and treated myself to lunch at Chick-fil-a!

I will get the test results by the end of the week. If I have gestational diabetes, I hope the glucose test detects it, so Hadley and I can get the proper treatment necessary to ensure a healthy baby and delivery.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Hadley's Nursery/Big Girl Bedroom: Crib Bedding

 Over the last month, Tal and I have painted Hadley's room, 
as well as added the big girl bedding, nightstands, and lamps:

Now Hadley's crib is ready for her arrival! 

A few weeks ago, Tal put together the crib, 
which Grandma Barbara bought for Savannah 6 years ago:

Today I added the bedding 
(and of course we'll remove the toys before we put Hadley in the crib):

When I was pregnant with Savannah, we bought a crib bedding set for $200.
 It was a waste of money. We never used the blanket or diaper holder:

For Hadley's crib, I kept the bedding simple and inexpensive. I bought the crib sheet and ruffled skirt for $35 total. Tal and I chose not to put a bumper in the crib. According to The American Academy of Pediatrics, crib bumpers increase a baby's risk of SIDS and suffocation.

Over the next couple weeks, I'm going to paint some wall decor for Hadley's room, 
add some pretty trim to the curtains, and start painting the dresser:  

Tal and I have saved $1,200 for Hadley's room makeover. Here's a breakdown of our sources and expenses so far:

  $48  Wall Paint and Supplies (Bubble Bath by Olympic)
$182   Juliette Tufted Headboard (Target)
    $0   Seaside Floral Sheets (PBteen--no longer available--already owned)
    $0   Cottage Stripe Duvet Cover in Pool (PBteen--already owned)
  $66   Cottage Stripe Euro Shams in Pool (PBteen)
  $44   Euro Pillows (HomeGoods)
  $64   Duvet Insert (Marshall's)
  $30   Bed Skirt (Bed, Bath, and Beyond)
  $11   Smile Pillow (Tuesday Morning)
$140   Hemnes Nightstands (Ikea)
  $33   Xhilaration Scallop Table Lamps (Target)
  $10   Crib Sheet (Babies R Us)
  $25   Ruffled Crib Skirt (Target)
  $50   Crib Mattress (Target)
$703   Subtotal

Third Trimester!

I'm 27 weeks and officially in my third trimester! What an exciting milestone!

Aside from the possibility that I might have gestational diabetes, my pregnancy has been normal and uneventful. Everything has been great for me and Hadley.

Exhaustion is the most common pregnancy symptom that I have. I'm pretty much tired all the time, especially after working all day. I'm not able to do as much or work as fast as I used to pre-pregnancy. However, I try to do the best I can and sit down and rest when I need a break.

Also, dealing with the summer heat while pregnant has been somewhat challenging. I try to take care of myself, so I don't get overheated, dizzy, and faint. I dress cool, drink lots of water, and sit in front of a fan.

I'm praying that the rest of my pregnancy goes smoothly. It won't be long before Hadley joins our family!

Glucose Test (Part 1)

This week I failed the 1-hour glucose test, which determines if I have gestational diabetes. As a result, I have to take the 3-hour glucose test on Monday. I will fast for 12 hours before the test. When I get to the doctor's office, I'll have to drink a flat orange soda, wait in the doctor's office for 3 hours, and then have my blood drawn 4 times. Sounds like fun.

I'm not happy that I have to take off a day of work (since I'm trying to save my days off for maternity leave). I'm not happy that I have to spend my day off in the doctor's office. I'm not looking forward to getting stuck four times.

Fingers crossed that I pass the 3-hour test!

Monday, July 14, 2014

26 Weeks!

I got a good report when I went to the OB today. My blood pressure and weight gain were normal. I've gained 7 lbs. over the last 7 months. My iron levels were still a little low, so I'll be taking an iron supplement every day (instead of every other day) and eating more iron-rich foods.

Hadley's heartbeat was normal in the 140's. My belly measured 26-27 cm, which is right on target since I'm 26-27 weeks pregnant.

I also took the glucose test to see if I have gestational diabetes. I drank some cold orange soda and then sat in the waiting room until a nurse drew my blood an hour later. I'll get the results in 2-3 days.

I'm believing for a good report when I go to the OB again on August 4!

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Hadley's Nursery/Big Girl Bedroom: Lamps and Nightstands

Tal and I are making steady progress on Hadley's nursery/big girl bedroom!

This week Tal put together the two Hemnes nightstands 
that Savannah and I picked up at Ikea last week:

On the nightstands, I added two hot pink table lamps 
that I found at Target on clearance:

I like how the scallop lamp shades mimic the flowers on Hadley's bedding:

Over the next couple weeks, I'm going to put the bedding on 
Hadley's crib, which Tal put together a few weeks ago: 

Tal is going to sand down the dresser that Grandma Barbara gave us...

...and then I can start priming and painting it for Hadley's room:

Stay tuned!

Before starting Hadley's Nursery/Big Girl Room a few months ago, Tal and I saved $1,200 (the same amount we spent on Savannah's big girl bedroom last year). Here's a breakdown of our sources and expenses so far:

  $48  Wall Paint and Supplies (Bubble Bath by Olympic)
$182   Juliette Tufted Headboard (Target)
    $0   Seaside Floral Sheets (PBteen--no longer available--already owned)
    $0   Cottage Stripe Duvet Cover in Pool (PBteen--already owned)
  $66   Cottage Stripe Euro Shams in Pool (PBteen)
  $44   Euro Pillows (HomeGoods)
  $64   Duvet Insert (Marshall's)
  $30   Bed Skirt (Bed, Bath, and Beyond)
  $11   Smile Pillow (Tuesday Morning)
$140   Hemnes Nightstands (Ikea)
  $33   Xhilaration Scallop Table Lamps (Target)
$618   Subtotal

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Ready to Dance!

For months, Savannah has been begging to take dance:

Well, a couple weeks ago, 
Savannah started taking pre-ballet once a week for 45 minutes at a local studio:

Savannah looks forward to dance every week 
and always dances with a big smile on her face during the class:

Savannah tries hard and does a good job listening to her teacher:

She's our prima ballerina!

Monday, July 7, 2014

100 Days to Go!

100 days to go until Hadley's due date on October 15!
I'm so excited that our countdown is entering the double digits!

Saturday, July 5, 2014

4th of July

Our 4th of July was a full day with lots of fun! 
Savannah and I drove 2.5 hours to Ikea, where we spent the day shopping for 
Hadley's nursery/big girl bedroom. 
We bought curtains, picture frames, book shelves, and nightstands for her room:

About an hour after Savannah and I got home, 
Tal and I took Savannah to her first baseball game! 

We cheered for a local minor-league baseball team:

We had great seats along the first base line:

Savannah and Tal

For dinner, we ate ballpark food:
hot dogs, nachos, Cracker Jacks, boiled peanuts, 
and a sno cone...all healthy food of course!

Our family was having a great time at the game, but we had to leave 
at the bottom of the 6th inning when Tal got sick:

We sat in the truck and listened to the remainder of the game on the radio:

The Carolina Mudcats won 7-6 in extra innings:

After the game ended at 10:45 P.M., the fireworks started, 
and we watched them in the parking lot in Tal's truck:

This is the first year that Savannah wasn't afraid of the sound of the fireworks.
Savannah kept saying, "I'm not afraid of the fireworks. 
When I was a baby, I was scared, but I'm a big girl now."

Savannah "oohed" and "awed" during the entire show.
I love the pictures below because they really capture how excited 
Savannah was to see the fireworks. She clapped her hands and pointed to the fireworks:

Savannah liked the glittery fireworks the best. 

Savannah loved staying up past her bedtime, and our family had a great time 
celebrating the 4th of July with baseball and fireworks. 
We were exhausted, though, when we got home at midnight: