Sunday, March 26, 2017

Park Play

This weekend the weather was sunny and warm! After Hadley woke up from her nap this afternoon, I took the girls to the park, where they had lots of fun sliding down the slides and swinging on the swings:

Saturday, March 25, 2017

Entry Makeover: Roshan Light Blue Area Rug

Over the last two years, Tal and I have updated our entry by removing our carpeted stairs, painting our stairs black and white, staining the banisters black, and hanging art and photos along the staircase:


This week I replaced our blue and white trellis rug (shown above), which had gotten stained and dingy over the last four years. I selected the Roshan Light Blue Area Rug from Wayfair. I put a 5x8 rug in the entry and a 2x10 runner in the hallway. The rug has a dark, subtle pattern (with minimal white) that will hide dirt and stains but won't compete with the other colors and patterns in our entry and adjoining rooms:

The overall color is teal, but there are hints of light blue, navy, and indigo that coordinate nicely with our home's color scheme:

View from our front door

Eventually, Tal and I would like to replace the outdated gold light fixture in our entry, and then our entry makeover will be complete!

Backyard Retaining Wall: Part 3

Today Tal got 22 wall blocks from Home Depot...

...and finished building the retaining wall in our backyard to fix some drainage and erosion issues:


In a few weeks, Tal will wrap up this project by filling in the area with a couple truckloads of mulch:

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Everyday Moments

These random iPhone photos are dark, blurry, and untouched,
but they capture everyday moments from the last couple weeks.

Savannah got a 100% on her spelling test!

A couple weeks ago, it was cold and rainy while Savannah was at gymnastics. Instead of walking around outside (like we usually do), Hadley and I went to the indoor inflatable playground that's 20 feet from Savannah's gymnastics place: 

Hadley enjoyed sliding down the slide (above) and shooting balls:

I thought Hadley looked adorable snuggling with her blanket and crossing her legs:

For my niece Harper's birthday gift, I framed the monogrammed sleep gown that she wore home from the hospital four years ago. I also framed the pink flowered onesie (below) that Savannah and Hadley wore when they were newborns.  You can see how much Hadley has grown in the last 2.5 years! (Also, check-out the stickers Hadley put on the beadboard):

A couple weeks ago, our family ate dinner at the new wings restaurant in town. I thought Hadley looked adorable kneeling and sitting on her feet:

I had my weekly lunch date with Savannah in our school cafeteria:

On Picture Day, Savannah looked pretty in her elephant dress:

On March 16, Savannah had her 8-year old check-up at the pediatrician:

The secret to a successful trip to the doctor is snacks...

...and drinks:

Hadley did not want to get up for school. I thought she looked adorable with her crossed legs:

On March 17, Savannah used the tickets she earned for good behavior and attended the Tae Kwon Do celebration at school. She enjoyed breaking a board!

Savannah loved drinking hot chocolate while our family ate dinner at Bob Evans:

Tal and Hadley shared a hot fudge sundae at Bob Evans:

On March 18, our family drove to Benny and EJ's house to celebrate Harper's birthday. Hadley gave me some big smiles when I asked her if she was ready to see Grandma Barbara:

Early Sunday morning, Savannah and I played three rounds of Candy Land.
Savannah won  2 out of 3 games!

Before church on Sunday, Tal and Hadley shared a bowl of cereal:

Hadley enjoyed drinking the milk out of the bowl:

Hadley does an excellent job putting her sandals on her feet...
but she always puts them on the wrong feet:

I'm tired. I need a vacation, but I still have two weeks before I can take some days off while Savannah is tracked out from school. To help my sanity, I took Monday afternoon off from school. During my 2.5 hours of free time, I sat in my chair, ate lunch from Panera, watched a few shows on DVR, and took a short nap before I picked up Savannah from school:

Savannah created a winter scene in art class:

Savannah was a super speller!

While Savannah was at gymnastics, Hadley and I went to the autospa. I got Hadley a mocha frappe to keep her entertained while I washed my car and vacuumed the crackers:

Hadley played on the bus while Savannah was at gymnastics:

Monday, March 20, 2017

Harper Grace's 4th Birthday Party!

Happy Birthday to my niece Harper Grace who turns 4 on March 23! 
On Saturday, our family took a day trip to Benny and EJ's house to celebrate Harper's birthday:

EJ did a beautiful job decorating Harper's party in a Disney Princess theme:

The Birthday Girl!

Harper and Savannah struck a pose!

Benny and EJ served food fit for a princess:

Snow White's Apples, Olaf's Noses (Carrots), Anna's Snowballs (Donuts):

Charming's Golden Nuggets (Chick-fil-a nuggets), Cinderella's Midnight Kisses (Hershey's Kisses), Sleeping Beauty's Pillows (Marshmallows), Ariel's Fish Friends (Goldfish Crackers):

Walmart made Harper's beautiful birthday cake:

Harper kept saying, "Thank you, Mommy, for my cake. I love my princess cake:"

Harper showed her friend her cake:

EJ transformed their dining room into a photo booth and gift exchange:

Princess Photo Booth

Cara and Savannah in the Photo Booth

Princess Savannah

Princesses Carly, Harper, and Savannah

Princess Cara

Princess Harper and Princess Savannah

Princess Harper

Cara and Savannah

Harper and Cara

Tal and his mom Grandma Barbara

Gran, Grandaddy, and Benny

Benny and EJ

EJ's Family

Great Grandaddy and Alice

Grandma Barbara and Savannah

Grandma Barbara with Harper and Savannah

Hadley got kisses from Grandma Barbara:

Happy Hadley

Hadley got kisses from Aunt EJ:

Uncle Benny played with Hadley:

Hadley napped on Uncle Benny:

Uncle Kenny brought hush puppies to Harper's party because Harper enjoys them so much:

Hadley and Harper loved eating hush puppies from Uncle Kenny:

Cinderella made an appearance at the party:

Harper hugged Cinderella

Harper showed Cinderella the Cinderella figurine on her birthday cake:

Singing "Happy Birthday" to Harper:

Yummy Cake

Eating the birthday cake:

Playing Pop the Pig

Harper got birthday kisses from Daddy:

Below is a sneak peek of Harper's new playset in the backyard:

Uncle Benny, Uncle Kenny, and Grandma Barbara built Harper's playset as a birthday gift:

Gift Exchange:

Harper's Gifts:

Harper loved her birthday gift from Grandma Barbara:

For Harper's birthday gift, I framed the monogrammed outfit that she wore home from the hospital four years ago:

Party Favors