Sunday, February 28, 2016

Doors, Trim, and Hardware: Part 1

One of our 2016 House Goals is to get new carpet installed in our bonus room and three bedrooms upstairs. But first, Tal and I need to paint our doors and trim, as well as install new door hardware. (We haven't painted our doors or trim since we moved into our house five years ago.) Then, Tal and I will be ready to rip out our 16-year old carpet and order our new carpet!

We have 12 doors upstairs. This weekend Tal took down 9 doors, removed the brass hardware, and spray painted the doors:

We painted the doors in our guest bedroom, and 
protected the walls, floors, and furnishings with plastic and old bed sheets. 

To save time and get a factory finish, 
we used this sprayer (HomeRight Finish Max Fine Finish Sprayer) to paint the doors:

Tal sprayed two coats on each side and waited 15 minutes in between each coat.While the doors were drying, I painted the door edges and started painting the door casings:

Tal and I used Behr's Ultra Pure White (untinted) in semi-gloss 
to paint all of the doors and trim in our house:

Tal and I are going to (hopefully) finish painting the upstairs door casings this week... next weekend Tal can hang the doors with our new hardware 

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Giovanni said...

One of my favorite things to do, home makeovers! They can be so much fun! These doors look brand new after the paint job, and I love the new door handle you guys chose. It's a much more stylish and modern option than standard handles and this is a much cheaper option than replacing the door completely.