Monday, July 31, 2017

Savannah's First Day of 3rd Grade!

 After four fabulous weeks of summer vacation, Savannah was excited to start 3rd grade today! She was ready to get back into a routine, see her friends and teacher, and hang out in Mommy's library before and after school like usual. Savannah is looking forward to being one of the big kids at school and playing on the 3rd-5th grade playground this year. Savannah is going to rock 3rd grade!

3rd Grade

2nd Grade

1st Grade


Sunday, July 30, 2017

Savannah's Bedroom Mini Makeover: Reveal!

Four years ago, Tal and I finished Savannah's pink and turquoise bedroom. We recently gave her bedroom a mini makeover to fit Savannah's changing needs as a 3rd grader. Tal and I created a study area that includes a desk, rolling chair, and bulletin board. We also added some accessories, such as a lamp and clock. Savannah's mini makeover cost around $350. Savannah loves reading and drawing at her desk, as well as displaying some of her favorite photos and drawings on her bulletin board!


Aiden Desk (Overstock)
Pink Rolling Chair (Wayfair)
Bulletin Board (PBTeen)
Pink Desk Lamp (Homegoods)
Turquoise Desk Lamp (Target)
Desk Clock (Walmart)
Mermaid Pillow (TJ Maxx)
Seaside Floral Bedding (PBTeen)
Juliette Tufted Headboard (Target)
Monogram above Bed (Etsy)
Vivan Curtains (Ikea)
Pink Shag Rug (Rugs USA)

Saturday, July 29, 2017

Everyday Moments

These random iPhone photos are dark, blurry, and untouched,
but they capture everyday moments from the last couple weeks.

Last Sunday, it was nearly 100 degrees outside, so our family got a refreshing treat at Dairy Queen:

Hadley has excellent fine motor skills for a 2.5 year old. She can write/color with a pencil/crayon really well:

Savannah was really excited to wear her new outfit from Grandma Barbara:

While Savannah was at gymnastics on Monday afternoon, Hadley and I walked to the deli and shared a slice of lemonade cake:

Hadley loved playing in the water while Tal washed my car:

After work/school on Tuesday afternoon, our family cooled off in Falls Lake. Falls Lake must be in a flight pattern because three airplanes flew over us while we were swimming. Hadley pointed to the sky and said, "Look, Mama, a plane!"

Unfortunately, Tal has had trouble breathing this week. Hadley kept Tal company while he did a breathing treatment in our bathroom:

On Thursday night, our family went to see Hillsong Young and Free downtown. There were 2,000 people, and it was standing room only. Tal and I thought it was going to be a kids concert, but everyone was high school students or adults. 

When we arrived, Hadley was scared of the loud music:

However, we immediately put ear plugs in Hadley's ears, and she enjoyed clapping and dancing during the show:

Savannah starts 3rd grade on Monday!

On Friday night, Savannah met her 3rd grade teacher Mrs. Cole and put her name tag on her seat in the classroom: 

Hadley enjoyed brushing Tal's hair:

Saturday, July 22, 2017

Half Bathroom: Part 4 (Finishing Touches)

Tal and I are almost done with our half bath makeover! Over the last week, Tal grouted the floor tile, as well as installed and caulked the trim and shoe molding before I painted them. Then, a plumber installed the new toilet. Next, Tal and I installed the pedestal sink, a new faucet, a new toilet paper holder, and a new towel ring. Tal also attached the transition piece that separates the tile and wood floors. We still need to install the new light and do some touch-ups and clean-up, but we hope to finish our half bathroom this week. The end is in sight!

Hadley wanted me to take a picture of her in our bathroom:

Summer Vacation 2017: Part 9 (Random iPhone Photos)

Below are some random iPhone photos that my niece Mya took during our summer vacation.

Savannah and Mya made cousin anklet bracelets:

At The Oceanic, Savannah and Mya ate shrimp and fries:

Savannah and Mya on The Oceanic Pier:

Riding the luggage cart at Shell Island Resort:

During our stay in Wrightsville Beach, Mya and Savannah loved playing games outside in the dark with Grandma Judy on the hotel patio:

Toilet shopping at Home Depot:

Hadley as a unicorn in Savannah's bedroom:

Mya buried Savannah in the sand:

 Savannah and Mya on the hotel balcony:

Packing up to go home!