Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Grand Opening

A few weeks ago, Tal's employer moved into a new building. 
Today our family attended the ribbon-cutting and grand opening ceremony:

Savannah and I enjoyed seeing Tal's new workspace 
(which includes a tribute to Phil Mickelson's win at The Open Championship) ...

 ...and meeting his colleagues!

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Garage Entrance: Welcome Decal on Painted Yellow Door

Over the last year, I've been working on making our garage entrance more 
colorful and inviting...since our family and friends use this door
 more often than our front door:

Last summer I painted our garage entry door a 
cheerful yellow (Gone Bananas by Olympic)...

...and hung a wreath from Pier One:

Today I applied this vinyl "Welcome" decal that I bought for $7 on Etsy:

While I was putting on the welcome decal, my sweet Savannah sat on the 
garage steps next to me and colored this picture 
(that we taped on our yellow door): 

Our yellow door makes me happy every time I pull into our garage!

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Turquoise and Pink Big Girl Bedroom: Reveal!

Savannah is all smiles because...

...her new bedroom is done!

Can you believe this is what Savannah's bedroom looked like when 
we moved in more than 2.5 years ago?

The inspiration for Savannah's room came from the Seaside Floral bedding from PBteen. 
For the room's color scheme,  I used turquoise and hot pink as the 
primary colors--along with pastel pink, light green, and golden yellow as accent colors.  
I had lots of fun mixing patterns, including dots, chevron, stripes, and florals. 

Can you see Savannah under the covers?

My goal was to create a colorful, sophisticated room that can grow 
with Savannah until she reaches middle school:  

Working on Savannah's bedroom for the last 11 months has been a labor of love for me, 
and I hope that Savannah will enjoy her room for many years to come! 

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Saturday, July 6, 2013

Sod Summer: Reveal!

After three months of  hard work, Tal and I are done with our "Sod Summer" project!

Here's what our front yard looks like today:

When Tal and I bought our house more than 2.5 years ago, 
it was an eyesore due to lack of maintenance:

Last summer, Tal and I improved our home's curb appeal by removing 
11 bushes, planting 17 new bushes, putting down landscape fabric, and spreading mulch:

Summer 2012

In April, Tal launched our "Sod Summer" project by pulling  out five prickly holly bushes:

On the sides of our house, we put down landscape fabric and mulch for weed control:

In May, Tal and I used a sod cutter to cut up the grass in our front yard:

Then, we used a tiller to break up the dirt clods and stubborn roots:

Next, Tal and I rolled up the sod, threw it in the back of Tal's truck, 
and dumped two truckloads at the landscape landfill. 
Our yard looked like a wasteland for two weeks:

On May 24, Tal and I spent 8 hours laying 90 rolls of sod:

Then, we used our recently repaired irrigation system to water our new grass twice a day...

...and waited three weeks for our new grass to take root:

And then Tal gave our yard its first haircut:

On the 4th of July, Tal and I cleaned up the last two areas in our front yard 
and put down bales of pine straw for weed control:  

To add some color and personality, I hung a yellow wreath on our front door...

...and spray painted the planters turquoise and planted some new arborvitaes in the pots:

Today our grass is lush and green:

From the street, our house looks updated and well-maintained: 

Tal and I love the results!

Sod Summer: Part 12

Unfortunately, the beautiful bougainvilleas that Tal and I 
planted last summer...

...didn't survive the winter:

Before I planted some new shrubs, I got this crazy idea to give the 
brown planters three coats of Rustoleum's Lagoon spray paint:

Yep, I painted them turquoise:

Inside the planters, Tal and I planted dwarf arborvitaes 
that are low-maintenance and stay green year-round:

I realize the turquoise planters might not be everyone's style, 
but I like how they make our home stand out (hopefully in a good way): 

Our neighborhood is filled with traditional brick homes, 
and our yellow wreath and turquoise planters make 
our home more colorful and contemporary: 

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Sod Summer: Part 11

Call me crazy, but I spray painted the brand-new wreath that I bought a few weeks ago:

Don't get me wrong, the original wreath was pretty, but it wasn't bright enough: 

What's the point in having a wreath if you can't see it from the street?!

When I decided to spray paint the wreath, it was a big risk and took a lot of courage. 
After all, who spray paints a new wreath that's perfectly fine? 

I gave the wreath six coats of Rustoleum's Sun Yellow spray paint:

Up close the wreath looks a little bit like plastic, but that 
doesn't bother me since few people use our front door:

From the street, though, the wreath looks amazing! 
It's the bright burst of color I was hoping for. 
The wreath says, "this is a happy house with happy people inside."