Monday, April 25, 2011


We were blessed to have Grandma Barbara, Uncle Benny, and Aunt EJ stay with us over Easter weekend. Tal and Benny played two rounds of golf, while we girls went shopping and participated in an Easter Egg Hunt. At church on Sunday, Tal played a disciple during the Easter drama. All of us enjoyed spending the weekend together!

Easter Egg Hunt

On Saturday, Savannah participated in an Easter Egg Hunt at our church. Grandma Barbara, Aunt EJ, and I helped Savannah find eggs in the grassy field. Savannah finished with a basketful of eggs and a tummy full of chocolate!  

Music Trivia

Over the last few weeks, Tal has been quizzing Savannah on her music knowledge. Savannah's answer is always the same:

Daddy:   "Savannah, can you say CDB (Charlie Daniels Band)?"

Savannah:   "ABC." 

Daddy:  "Savannah, say ABB (Allman Brothers Band)."

Savannah:  "ABC."

Daddy:  "Savannah, can you say ACDC?"

Savannah:  "ABC."

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Fancy Feet

On Saturday, Savannah, Barbara, and I treated ourselves to pedicures. For Savannah, who is two years old, this was her first pedicure! 

She enjoyed soaking her feet in the hot water, as well as having the technician rub lotion on her legs and paint her toenails pink.

Savannah was a good girl during the entire experience!

  My glittery pink polish

Savannah's pretty pink toes

New Driver

Watch out! Savannah is learning how to drive the pink battery-operated Barbie Jeep that Grandma Barbara gave her.

In Grandma and Gran-Gran's yards this weekend, Savannah practiced putting on her seatbelt, turning on the radio, turning the steering wheel, pressing the pedal, and stopping her Jeep. 

Savannah only had a few accidents--when she ran into the bushes, porch, and house.

Savannah's favorite passenger? Her babydoll. :-)  

Saturday, April 16, 2011


Whenever we visit Grandma Barbara (like we did this weekend), Savannah loves swinging on Grandma's porch!