Sunday, February 21, 2016

Living Room Makeover: Part 2 (Tufted Ottoman)

One of our 2016 House Goals is to start updating our living room. A few weeks ago, I replaced my 17-year old living room foot stool with this blue tufted ottoman from Target:

I like the pretty details, including the tufted buttons and rounded legs. Plus, since the ottoman is a solid color, it coordinates nicely (but doesn't compete) with the large pattern on our Adele Lake Rug from Company C:

I use the ottoman all the time with our La-Z-Boy living room recliner, which my mom bought for me when Hadley was born. Hadley and I have slept many nights in this recliner when Hadley was sick or teething. I always sit in the recliner and prop up my feet on the ottoman when I watch TV or rock Hadley to sleep every night.

The good news is that our new ottoman only cost $37 because I used some Target gift cards that my students gave me for Christmas! When it comes to decorating, I believe in buying inexpensive furniture and accessories that are stylish and sturdy. That way, I won't feel guilty if I have to replace an item in a few years because my decorating tastes change or because my girls stain it or break it. I don't want to feel obligated to keep something for 10 years because I paid a ton of money for it! :)

Savannah likes our new ottoman, too!

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