Monday, February 20, 2017

Savannah lost a tooth!

Last night Savannah lost tooth #5! It's been nearly a year since she lost a tooth, so Savannah was super excited when the Tooth Fairy left a dollar under her pillow. Savannah is growing up. Her smile is changing. But she will always be my baby girl!


Australia and New Zealand Trip: Part 1

It's official! We have our passports. We finally booked our trip. This spring Tal and I will be traveling to Australia and New Zealand for 10 days to celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary! We are looking forward to going to Hillsong Church in Sydney, swimming in the Great Barrier Reef, and visiting the Outback. Thanks to my mom and Tal's mom for taking care of Savannah and Hadley while we are gone and for making it possible for us to take this once-in-a-lifetime trip Down Under!

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Everyday Moments

These random iPhone photos are dark, blurry, and untouched,
but they capture everyday moments from the last couple weeks.

Hadley fell asleep on the ride home from her babysitter's house (which is unusual):

Savannah, who was fighting a cold last week, fell asleep on the way home from school:

This was my Valentine's Day homework assignment from Savannah's teacher:

On Valentine's Day, Savannah loved reading the reasons we love her:

Last Thursday, Savannah had an afterschool playdate with her friend Caleb. The kids enjoyed playing with kinetic sand at our kitchen table:

This weekend it was Savannah's turn to take home Charlie, a stuffed dog and her class mascot. As part of a class assignment, I took pictures of Savannah and Charlie on their adventures:

Charlie rode with Savannah on our way to get groceries at Walmart: 

Charlie went with Savannah to the Sweetheart Dance:

In a class notebook, Savannah wrote about her adventures with Charlie:

Savannah wrote about how Charlie went with her to the Sweetheart Dance with Daddy and to the mall with Mommy and Hadley:

Last Friday night, our family went to Home Depot to price out blocks for the retaining wall that Tal will be building in our backyard:

While Tal was looking at blocks, Savannah and Hadley entertained themselves by riding in a wagon:

Hadley pulled this wagon by herself:

On Saturday morning, Savannah fell asleep on the way to the mall:

At the mall, the girls played in the play area:

For about 15 min, we were the only ones in the play area:

Savannah enjoyed walking around the outside of the Cape Hatteras lighthouse:

While we were at the mall, we texted Tal to see which tie he wanted to wear to the Sweetheart Dance. He chose the top one:

We spotted Hadley's name on some mall merchandise:

After playing and shopping at the mall, the girls and I ate lunch at Chipotle:

At the mall, Savannah used her birthday money from Grandma Barbara to buy a reading, spelling, and math workbook...

...and some new earrings. 
Over the last two days, Savannah has worn the emoji earrings and heart dangly earrings:

As I've mentioned before, Tal and I do our cooking on the weekends and eat the leftovers during the week. While the girls and I were at the mall on Saturday, Tal baked salmon and talapia, as well as cooked hamburgers and hot dogs on the grill. He also made rice and potatoes for side items (in the Tupperware containers):

Tilapia with vegetables

Baked Salmon

Happy Hadley
As a toddler, Hadley is always moving, so it's hard to get a clear picture of her:

The girls and I baked and decorated sugar cookies (Savannah's request). Savannah picked out the blue frosting and sprinkles:

Hadley enjoyed eating a few spoonfuls of frosting:

After eating some frosting, Hadley had blue teeth and a blue tongue:

Savannah's decorated cookies:

Daddy's Girls

Tal adores Savannah and Hadley. Sometimes people ask Tal if he wished he would've had a son named HTA IV. Tal always responds, "No, I would've been happy with four girls, but God blessed me with two." Love him!

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Daddy-Daughter Sweetheart Dance

Tonight Tal and Savannah had a fun time at the Daddy-Daughter Sweetheart Dance at Savannah's school! 
A few weeks ago, Savannah asked Tal, "Daddy, will you be my date for the Sweetheart Dance?" Since Tal said "yes," Savannah has been looking forward to the event ever since!

Before the dance, Hadley (with her pajamas and crazy hair) wanted to get in the pictures with Tal and Savannah:

A couple weeks ago, Savannah picked out her peach dress and sparkly silver high heels at the mall:

Savannah didn't want me to curl her hair or put it in a pony tail, so I blow-dried it straight so her hair had some fullness and softness for the dance:


 The two-hour dance included a photo booth, dance, and a dessert bar.  During the dance, Tal texted me the photos below:

Savannah hung out with her friends Gabby and Alexa: