Monday, August 20, 2018

Friends Beach Weekend: Part 2 (Old Baldy Lighthouse)

Hadley and Tyson climbed their first lighthouse...108 steps at Old Baldy! 

While the girls and I (along with our friends Amanda and Tyson) were on Bald Head Island on August 18, we climbed Old Baldy Lighthouse. Old Baldy was built in 1817 and is NC's oldest standing lighthouse. It is made of brick and plaster.

Tyson (3) and Hadley (3)

View inside Old Baldy 

When I stood inside Old Baldy and looked up, this was my view:

Hadley climbed all 108 steps!

When Hadley climbed the ladder, I was waiting for her at the top of the lighthouse:

The top of Old Baldy was a small, hot, enclosed octagonal space that only had room for 4-6 people at a time...

...but we enjoyed the beautiful views of the marshes on Bald Head Island:


View from the top of Old Baldy

Savannah's New Glasses!

Savannah loves her new glasses! For the last three years, she has worn wire-framed glasses with nose pads. This time Savannah was adamant that she wanted plastic frames that were blue. Her new glasses are brown on the outside and turquoise on the inside and sides.

(As a side note, check out how Savannah's front teeth have separated since her mouth expander was installed a month ago. Her front teeth used to overlap but now there is a gap. Savannah is making progress in her orthodontic treatment!)

Sunday, August 19, 2018

Friends Beach Weekend: Part 1 (Southport)

The girls and I had a fun beach weekend in Southport, Bald Head Island, Oak Island, and Caswell Beach with our friends Amanda and Tyson.  On Saturday morning, the five of us traveled 2.5 hours together to the coastal town of Southport, NC. Before we boarded the ferry to Bald Head Island, we explored Southport's waterfront. We enjoyed walking on the pier, as well as playing in the sand and on the rocks! 

Tyson (3), Hadley (3), and Savannah (9)

Thursday, August 16, 2018

Everyday Moments

These random iPhone photos are dark, blurry, and untouched,
but they capture everyday moments from the last couple weeks.

Savannah finished chapter book #27!

Chapter Book #28

Chapter Book #29

Tal and I took the girls to Krispy Kreme for an after dinner snack:

The girls enjoyed watching the donuts go through the hot glazing machine:

Last week Hadley had her second dentist appointment.She sat on my lap and did a good job opening her mouth, so the dentist could count and brush her teeth. (When Hadley went to the dentist six months ago, she refused to open her mouth for the dentist): 

Hadley received two tokens for her good behavior...

...and got two balls from the treasure tower:

When the girls played at Uncle Benny and Aunt EJ's house last weekend, Hadley dressed up as Minnie Mouse: 

Unfortunately, Savannah and I don't have the same lunch times this year. However, I still eat lunch with her in the cafeteria when I have a workday once a month. On Tuesday, I had a workday, so I had picked up chicken tenders, fries, and sweet tea from PDQ for Savannah and enjoyed eating lunch with her in the cafeteria; 

Savannah was excited to pick out new glasses today! Over the last year, Savannah's eyesight has worsened a little bit, and she has had trouble seeing in her classroom.  In the past, Savannah has worn metal frames with nose pads. This time Savannah wanted plastic frames...AND she was adamant about getting blue frames. Her new frames are brown on the front and turquoise on the inside and sides. Savannah loves them!

I'm about halfway to my weight loss goal! Over the last 12 weeks, I've lost 36 lbs. To celebrate my success, I bought myself two inexpensive dresses for school...that are two sizes smaller!

If I continue to lose an average of 2 lbs. a week over the next 18 weeks, then I will reach my weight loss goal of 70-75 lbs by the end of 2018. When I meet my goal, I will be in a healthy weight range for a 5'6" woman:

Sunday, August 12, 2018

Cape Lookout Lighthouse

The girls and I had a fun weekend spending time with our family in Salter Path, as well as riding a ferry, swimming in the Sound, climbing Cape Lookout Lighthouse, and exploring the island!

After school on Friday, the girls and I drove three hours and spent the weekend with Grandma Barbara, who lives along the coast of NC. Cousin Harper stayed at Grandma's house, too, and the three girls loved having cousin sleepovers on Friday and Saturday nights:

Cousins Hadley (3) and Harper (5) have the same smile and head tilt (as well as the same blue eyes and strawberry blonde hair):

On Saturday morning, the girls and I (along with Grandma Barbara, Harper, and Uncle Benny) got up early for a day trip to visit Cape Lookout Lighthouse:

 From Grandma Barbara's house, we drove an hour to Harkers Island. We parked our car at the ferry terminal and took a 20-minute ferry ride to Cape Lookout:

On the ferry ride, we saw some of the 100 wild horses that roam freely on Shackleford Banks:

 When we arrived at Cape Lookout, we explored the island, including the beach and the lighthouse keeper's house, while we waited our turn to climb the lighthouse. (There aren't any other houses, stores, restaurants, or cars on the island.)

All seven lighthouses along the coast of NC have different daymark and light signal patterns to warn ships. Cape Lookout is made of 1 million bricks and is known for its black and white diamond or checkered pattern:

 Savannah (9), Harper (5), and Hadley (3)

 The cousins played in the sand:

Savannah climbed her first lighthouse! Grandma Barbara, Savannah, Harper, and I climbed Cape Lookout, which has a spiral staircase and 207 steps (which is equivalent to a 12 story building).

Views from the top of the lighthouse

After climbing the lighthouse, we walked to the beach and went swimming in front of Cape Lookout:

Hadley was too small to climb the lighthouse, so she enjoyed playing in the water with Uncle Benny:

 After swimming for a little bit, we waited for the ferry at the dock:

On our ferry ride back to Harkers Island, the captain allowed Hadley, Harper, and Savannah to drive the ferry: