Sunday, May 29, 2016

Mother's Day Weekend: Part 1 (Silly Harper)

Our family celebrated Mother's Day with Tal's family in Salter Path. Savannah and Harper spread out their blankets and pillows on Grandma Barbara's living room carpet and watched a movie. My niece Harper (3) entertained me with her roars and silly faces!

Saturday, May 28, 2016

Happy Hadley

Now that Hadley (19 months) can say around 15 words, she has started communicating her needs and wants. For example, today Hadley let me know that she wanted to go outside by saying "bye" and by bringing me her shoes and my shoes from our mudroom baskets.When we got outside, Hadley took my hand and led me to the playset in our backyard. Hadley was a happy girl while she was swinging in our backyard this afternoon:

This is the expression that Hadley makes when she says "Hooo"

2016 Outdoor Updates: Part 6 ( Metal Landscape Border)

Today Tal spent several hours installing 160 feet of landscape edging around our house! He used the metal border below from Home Depot. On Memorial Day, Tal plans to fill in the landscaped areas with a truckload of mulch (which I picked up today)...and then our yard makeover will be done!

Left Side Yard


Right Side Yard

Friday, May 27, 2016

2016 Outdoor Updates: Part 5 (Right Side Yard)

Tal worked his tail off this afternoon! After work, he got a truckload of mulch and spruced up our right side yard. Tal laid landscape fabric, planted 5 new shrubs, and spread some mulch. If the rain stays away this weekend, then Tal is going to install a landscape border on the left and right sides of our house...and then our side yard makeovers will be done! 

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

2016 Outdoor Updates: Part 4 (Mulch)

Earlier this week, Tal planted 10 shrubs on our left side yard:

After work today, Tal got a truckload of mulch...

...and dumped and spread it around our new bushes:

Savannah helped Tal water our new bushes:

Tal still needs to install the landscape border, and then our left side yard makeover will be done! 

Monday, May 23, 2016

2016 Outdoor Updates: Part 3 (New Bushes)

Tal is a rockstar! After work today, he dug 10 holes on the left side of our house and planted ALL of the bushes we bought yesterday. All of the shrubs are low-maintenance and kid-friendly and will grow to be 3-4 feet tall:

Japanese Compact Holly


Little Giant Arborvitae

Later this week, Tal is going to get a truckload of mulch on his way home from work and spread it around our new shrubs:

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Celebration Weekend

Thanks to Tal's mom Barbara for watching Savannah and Hadley yesterday, so Tal and I could have a romantic date to celebrate Mother's Day, our 9th wedding anniversary, and my 40th birthday. It was our first night away from our girls in over a year!

For our date, Tal and I went shopping for a sectional sofa for our living room. We visited 9 furniture stores and sat on around 30 sofas. If everything goes smoothly, we're planning to order the CU2 sectional (shown below) from Bassett in navy microfiber. On Tuesday, an interior designer from the Bassett store is coming to our house to measure our space, help us with sectional planning, and test fabric samples for sofa pillows.

Then, Tal and I visited the HGTV Smart Home 2016 in Raleigh:

We had 5:30 dinner reservations at the Angus Barn, which is an delicious (and expensive) steak restaurant that we only visit on special occasions:

Angus Barn

I ordered the prime rib with a baked potato:

Tal ate the Chateaubriand with rice pilaf:

Tal and I loved eating dinner at a leisurely pace, enjoying some peace and quiet, and having some adult conversation:

For dessert, Tal ate the chocolate chess pie (on the left), while I had the cappuccino cheesecake with Oreo crust:

The Angus Barn gave us a complimentary sour cream pound cake to take home and help us celebrate our 9th anniversary and my 40th birthday:

After dinner, Tal and I spent the night in a local hotel. We loved having the opportunity to reconnect, relax, and catch up on our sleep. Tal and I loved every minute of our celebration date!

2016 Outdoor Updates: Part 2 (Landscape Fabric)

In April, Tal pulled out the dead, dying, and hateful bushes and trees on the left side of our house:

Over the last 6 weeks, he has worked hard to dig up the 10 stumps. He also removed some debris and cleaned up the area to prepare the soil for our new shrubs:

Last week, Tal laid landscape fabric for weed control:

Over the next week or so, Tal is going to dig the holes and plant the 10 low-maintenance bushes (boxwoods, compact holly bushes, and little giant arborvitae) that we bought today at Lowe's. All of the bushes will grow to be 3-4 feet tall and be easy for Tal to maintain without using a ladder or hiring a professional landscaping crew. Many of our previous bushes were sharp and prickly, but our new bushes are soft and kid-friendly. After Tal plants the bushes, he is going to spread a couple truckloads of mulch, as well as install a landscape border to contain the mulch. Stay tuned!