Friday, July 3, 2015

Staircase Photo Gallery: Reveal!

Today Tal and I finished our staircase photo wall!

A few weeks ago, our staircase was a blank space:

Now it is a colorful, personal display:

I used craft paper to plan our photo wall. I moved around the templates 
until all of the pieces created a balanced display:

I wanted to make sure that each family member was equally represented, so I selected one family photo, one photo of Tal with the girls, one photo of me with the girls, three sister pictures, and three individual pictures of Savannah and Hadley:

 I put the art and photos in white Ribba frames from Ikea: 

Our photo wall includes three 16x20 art prints, six 8x10 black and white family photos, 
and three 5x7 black and white family photos:

To carry our home's color scheme from the downstairs to the upstairs, I bought three 16x20 art prints from Minted (and put them in Ribba frames). The blues, greens, and yellows in the art complement our home's decor:

The whitewashed letters, which I bought at a local boutique, represent each person in our family:

Tal and I used a level and Command velcro strips to hang the pictures and avoid damaging our wall with a dozen nail holes:

We finally have some pictures of Hadley, 
as well as some updated family photos, hanging in our house!

I love the results! 

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Staircase Photo Gallery: Part 1

I'm excited about my latest project!
Over the last few weeks, I've been working on our staircase photo gallery:

My inspiration:
Martha Stewart Living

Currently, our staircase is a blank wall...

...but I have 3 goals for this project:

1. Add color and personality to our staircase through the use of artwork, family photos, and letters.

2. Create a cohesive color scheme by carrying our home's colors from the downstairs to the upstairs. (Our home's color scheme is teal, turquoise, light blue, lime green, golden yellow, cream, white, and tan. These colors are repeated throughout our whole house.)

3. Hang pictures of Hadley in our house (because we don't have any framed photos of our baby girl yet).

To get started, I cut out templates with craft paper and attached them to the wall with some washi tape.Then, I arranged and rearranged the templates (like a jigsaw puzzle) until all of the pieces worked to create a balanced display:

After I finished planning our photo wall, I was ready to purchase the frames and prints:
  • three 16x20 art prints (in our home's color scheme)  to add color to our staircase
  • six 8x10 black and white family photos (3 vertical and 3 horizontal)
  • three 5x7 black and white family photos (2 horizontal and 1 vertical)

Tomorrow I am going to put the pictures in the frames, attach the
 Command strips, and hang the frames:

Stay tuned for our colorful, personal staircase! 

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Grandma Makes Me Smile!

Grandma Barbara and Uncle Kenny are staying with us for three days this week:

.Tal and Uncle Kenny are replacing some rotted siding in the front and back of our house 
(and then going to the Rolling Stones concert tomorrow night):

Grandma Barbara and the girls like to sit in our front yard and watch Tal and Uncle Kenny work:

 Savannah and Hadley are soaking up every minute with Grandma Barbara:


Savannah and Hadley like to hang out with Tal after he is done working outside:

Savannah's Last Day of Kindergarten!

Today was Savannah's last day of Kindergarten! 

Savannah outside her classroom

Savannah in front of her Kindergarten timeline

Savannah and Mommy

Savannah and her friend Caleb (who will be in her 1st grade class, too!)


Savannah had a great year with her teachers Ms. Hunter and Mr. Wilson. Ms. Hunter is kind and nurturing, as well as a good classroom manager (three qualities that Savannah needs in a teacher).

Ms. Hunter and Savannah

Mr. Wilson is hilarious! He kept Savannah laughing this year with his funny jokes!

Savannah and Mr. Wilson

Savannah completed a memory book to help her remember her kindergarten year:

My favorite color: pink and purple
My favorite after school activity: jumping on the trampoline
My favorite food: pizza
My favorite animal: mouse
My favorite sport: basketball
My favorite TV show: Lazy Town

Savannah has had a wonderful year in Kindergarten, but our entire family is ready for a break. (No homework and no bag lunches for a month!) Savannah has 4 weeks off from school before she starts 1st grade on July 27. She is looking forward to spending 10 days with Grandma Barbara...followed by a week with Grandma Judy.  She can't wait to stay up late, wake up late, and go swimming! Happy Summer!

Monday, June 29, 2015

Zoo Trip

File this post under "better late than never." On May 8, the girls and I took a day trip to the NC Zoo with our dear friend Emily and her boys Xavier and Felix. It was a full day that included 5 hours in the car and 3.5 hours of walking around. We did a lot of walking, but we saw a few animals, including the birds, flamingos, and and dinosaurs. Best of all, the girls and I enjoyed spending time with our special friends!

4 kids...and 4 carseats!
I was thrilled that all of us were able to ride together in our Ford Expedition!

Emily and Felix

Savannah and Xavier played while we waited in line 
to get on the tram to go to another part of the zoo:

Dinosaur Exhibit

Hadley (7 months)

It was interesting to see the dinosaur robotics:



Before we headed home, we the carousel: