Monday, May 25, 2015

Random iPhone Photos

These photos are dark, blurry, and untouched, 
but they capture everyday moments that I want to remember forever.

Memorial Day Weekend
Savannah and Hadley (7 months) slept in my lap for over 2 hours:

Memorial Day
My friend Emily gave us 18 cans of formula when Hadley was born. 
Today we finished the last can. 
The formula has been such a blessing to us over the last 7 months!

Memorial Day
Hadley (7 months)...asleep in my arms:

May 17, 2015
Savannah made this birthday card for Uncle Benny:

May 4, 2014
Hadley (6 months) learning to stand between my legs:

May 3, 2015
Savannah (6) put her hair in pigtails and took a selfie:

May 2015
Hadley (6 months) driving a car at the mall with Grandma Barbara:

May 2015
Playing at the mall with Grandma Barbara:

May 2015
Playing at the mall with Grandma Barbara:

May 2015
Playing at the mall:

March 24, 2015
Savannah eating a treat at Dairy Queen after school:

March 24, 2015
Hadley (5 months) sitting in a high chair for the first time!

March 18, 2015
Picture Day. Savannah asleep on the way home from school:

March 3, 2015
Savannah and Hadley (4 months old)

March 3, 2015

February 16, 2015
Hadley (4 months old)...asleep in my lap:

February 2, 2015
Hadley (3 months) asleep in my lap:

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Savannah lost her first tooth!

Savannah has an important announcement!

She lost her first tooth today!

Savannah, who is 6 years old, has been waiting FOREVER to lose a tooth. Two of her bottom and two top teeth have been wiggly for months. 

Today one Savannah's bottom teeth fell out while she was upstairs watching a movie on the iPad with Daddy. She was soooo excited! Tal and I are so glad that we were home when Savannah lost her first tooth, so we could share in her milestone. Savannah put her tooth under her pillow tonight in hopes that the tooth fairy will bring her $1 tomorrow!

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Savannah and Hadley Videos

Check out Hadley (7 months) "talking" while we were in a restaurant:

Hadley (7 months):

Hadley (7 months) standing during Savannah's gymnastics practice:

Check out Hadley (7 months) sputtering:

Savannah (6) and Hadley (7 months) are playing the piano:

Savannah does a somersault at tumbling practice:

Savannah and Hadley Videos

Hadley (6 months) ate peas for the first time and loved them:

Hadley (6 months) fell asleep after eating peas:

Friday, May 22, 2015

Friday Night Snuggles

Savannah (6), Tal, and Hadley (7 months)

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Then and Now

One year ago today, I was 18 weeks pregnant...

...and Tal and I found out that we were having a baby GIRL!

 Today we are the proud parents of a precious, 
bald-headed 7-month-old who is trying to stand:

What a difference a year makes!

Monday, May 18, 2015

My 39th Birthday!

Today I'm celebrating my 39th birthday!

After church yesterday, our family celebrated my birthday at Macaroni Grill 
(one of my favorite restaurants...but one that we only eat at 1-2 times each year):

I ate pasta milano (my favorite)...

...and tiramisu (yum) for dessert:

Love my girls!

Savannah (6)

Hadley (7 months old)

Thanks to everyone who made my 39th birthday extra special by 
calling, texting, sending cards, or posting Facebook messages! 
Cheers to my last year in my thirties!

Friday, May 15, 2015

Hadley is 7 Months Old!

Hadley turned 7 months old on Mother's Day! Over the last month, our baby girl has learned how to sit up. She can roll over from her back to her tummy, but she hasn't figured out how to roll from her tummy to back. Hadley also starting eating solid foods. She loves vegetables, especially peas and carrots. So far, Hadley detests fruits because they are too sweet. She purses and pucker lips when we try to feed her peaches, pears, etc. Hadley loves to hold onto the edge of the couch and stand unassisted for a few minutes before she topples over. Hadley isn't cruising yet, but she will take a few steps when we hold her hands and walk with her. We love sharing in Hadley's milestones!