Monday, January 26, 2009

Join the Club...

...the pregnancy club, that is. At my school, there are 6 teachers who are pregnant! The running joke is that there must be something in the water. :-)

Last week, the 6 of us posed in due date order (from R-L) before Emily and I go on maternity leave any day now:
  • Me--38 weeks--due February 5
  • Emily--36 weeks--due February 18
  • Shannon--31 weeks--due March 28
  • Cindy--28 weeks--due April 17
  • Michelle--19 weeks--due June 17
  • Kristin--9 weeks--due August 31

Interestingly, four of us are having girls, while Emily is having twin boys! (It's too early to know if Kristin is having a boy or a girl.)

Perhaps all of us will take another photo sometime with our babies!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

My Honey Can Do Anything

One of the things that I appreciate about Tal is his ability (and willingness) to put together/hook up/install/program/download just about anything around our house.

Since Christmas, a number of people have blessed us with Christmas or baby gifts that require assembly. As a result, over the last few weeks, Tal has unpacked a lot of boxes, read a fair share of owner's manuals, and worked really hard to put together everything on his "honey-do" list before Savannah arrives.

Take a peek below at the items Tal has checked off his to-do list within the last few weeks:

1. Install Savannah's car seat in truck

2. Install Savannah's car seat in Rachel's car

3. Put together Savannah's high chair (for when she starts eating solids next fall/winter)

4. Assemble Savannah's swing

5. Put together Savannah's stroller

6. Program the universal remote control (so we won't have to turn on three remotes anymore--just to watch TV in our living room)

7. Hook up, charge, and test Savannah's baby monitor

8. Hook up the new TV in our bedroom (our other TV died a couple weeks ago)

9. Hook up and install our new printer/copier/scanner

Now that Tal has finished everything on his to-do list, what do you think Tal says he's most excited about?

"...That hopefully we'll have less trash in our trash can in the coming weeks."

Is that really possible with a baby on the way? :-)

You're the best, Tal!

Church Baby Shower

On Saturday, Amanda, along with three other friends from church, hosted a baby shower for me. Over 25 friends from our church joined us in celebrating Savannah's birth!

The yummy chocolate cake with jelly filling!
(The picture on the cake shows Savannah's farmyard nursery theme.)

Below are my good friends (and former school colleagues) Jennifer and Marsha. The three of us taught on the same seventh grade team (the Pandas) for eight years before I left to become an elementary school librarian two years ago. One of their gifts for Savannah was a cute Panda outfit!

Because of the generosity of our friends and family at school, at church, in Salter Path, and in IL, Savannah has everything she needs for the first few months.

We've been so blessed by the kindness of others!

Friday, January 23, 2009

38 Weeks

Our 38-week appointment at the OB today confirmed that Savannah is perfectly content inside my belly. I haven't started dilating, and Savannah isn't showing any signs of making her debut anytime soon.

At today's doctor visit, my blood pressure was normal, while Savannah's heartbeat was healthy at 140. Also, Savannah and I have done some growing since my visit last week. My belly grew 2 cm--from 36 cm to 38 cm--which is right on schedule for 38 weeks. Savannah's growth spurt might explain why I gained 2.5 lbs.--bringing my weight gain to 35 lbs. to date.

Tal and I are playing the "waiting game" right now. Emotionally, we're ready to meet Savannah whenever she decides to join us. Last weekend, Tal and I finished Savannah's nursery, packed our labor and hospital bags, and made our hospital call list. In addition, I'm finally ready to go on maternity leave after writing 12 weeks of library lesson plans, planning the spring Book Fair, and training my maternity leave sub.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Counting Down the Days

Me at 37 Weeks and Emily at 35 Weeks

Do you remember my dear friend Emily who is expecting twin boys? Emily's babies, Xavier and Ansel, weigh close to 5 lbs. now--which means Emily is carrying around 10 lbs. on her small frame! Savannah is about two weeks older than Emily's boys and should weigh around 7 lbs. now. Emily and I are excited and waiting--knowing that Savannah, Xavier, and Ansel could arrive any day now!

Salter Path Baby Shower

On Sunday afternoon, Tal's family blessed us with a baby shower in Salter Path. Around 50 family and friends joined us in celebrating Savannah's upcoming birth!

Savannah's Cabbage Patch Cake

Check out the spread!

Tal's mom Barbara created this adorable diaper wreath decorated with pacifiers, butt paste, and socks.

The baby carrier below was one of Tal's favorite gifts. Tal's looking forward to toting Savannah around Walmart, the grocery store, etc. with Savannah strapped to his chest or back.

Below is the generous baby gift from Tal's brother Benny--an infant car seat/stroller combo. Tal and I like that the car seat and stroller are made out of lightweight aluminum--which will make it easier to lift in and out of my car.

At the shower, we received the four hand-made blankets below. Note the detail--a couple of them even have Savannah's initials embroidered on them. Tal likes the blankets' craftsmanship--plus they feel comfy.

Savannah's first surf shirt

Anything else go in here?

School Baby Shower

Last Tuesday, my school colleagues showered me with gifts for Savannah.

Take a look at the cute and yummy vanilla cake with vanilla pudding inside!

My colleagues blessed us with some adorable baby clothes, as well as some essential items--like baby bottles, diapers, and wipes.

Several of my school friends pitched in to give Tal and me the Pack 'n' Play below--which will come in handy as a bassinet, changing table, or crib at Grandma's house.

37 Weeks

Last Friday, Tal and I went to the OB for my 37-week appointment. Savannah and I both received good reports. My blood pressure, iron levels, and weight gain were normal.

Savannah's heartbeat was 140--slower than it had been--probably because she was sleeping. The nurse practitioner predicted that Savannah was head-down--although she hasn't officially dropped into the delivery position yet. Interestingly, my belly measured 36 cm, which was the same as my last visit. I must not be getting any bigger! As Tal likes to say, the bird is almost done!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Our Prayer for Savannah

We love the Bible verse that Tal hung above Savannah's closet door today. Just as Hannah prayed for Samuel (1 Samuel 1:27-28), Tal and I prayed for a baby for many months. The Lord gave us the desires of our hearts, and we dedicate Savannah to the Lord.

The verse is from Luke 2:40 and says: "And the child grew and became strong; He was filled with wisdom, and the grace of God was upon Him."

We believe that the Lord's annointing is upon Savannah already. We pray that Savannah will be healthy and grow into a godly woman who serves the Lord all of the days of her life.

Getting Off to a Good Start

On Thursday, Tal earned brownie points when he attended a breastfeeding class with me.

Tal and I agree that breastfeeding is the best for Savannah. Most importantly, it will protect Savannah from infections and reduce her chances of developing allergies and asthma (both of which Tal has). Breastfeeding also saves money; we've read that parents often spend $2,500 annually on formula.

The class provided a wealth of good information on what to expect the first few days and weeks, what positions to use, how to develop a feeding schedule, etc.

We're believing that I'll master the art of breastfeeding quickly and that Savannah will be a little prodigy who latches on right from the start.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Ready to Go

Tal and I are steadily checking items off our "to-do list" before Savannah arrives. Most recently, Tal installed Savannah's car seat in his truck.

Then, a few days later, Tal stopped by the hospital, where the technician checked to see that Savannah's car seat was installed properly. Now that we have the hospital's "stamp of approval" on Savannah's car seat, we'll be able to take Savannah home from the hospital after she's born.

36 Weeks

Today Tal and I went to the OB for my 36-week appointment. Savannah and I both received good reports. My blood pressure and weight gain (31 lbs. to date) were normal. I also had three other routine tests done, but I'm not worried that the test results will impact Savannah's delivery.

Savannah's heartbeat was healthy and consistent at 150 beats per minute. When the doctor felt my belly, he predicted that Savannah is head-down, which is right where she needs to be for delivery. We're hoping Savannah stays there. :-)

From now on, Tal and I will be going to the OB weekly to check Savannah's progress and to see if I've dilated. After all these months of waiting, we're counting down the last four weeks or so before Savannah is born. Wow!


My dear hubby recently treated me to an afternoon at the spa. During my three hours of relaxation, I had a massage, facial, manicure, and pedicure.

I especially enjoyed my pedicure. For the last six weeks, I haven't been able to paint my toenails because touching my toes puts pressure on my belly. It was a treat having my feet massaged and my toes painted a fun fuschia!