Sunday, August 29, 2010

Making Progress

Tal and I are planning to put our house up for sale within the next three weeks. We've been busy increasing our curb appeal, making necessary repairs, and organizing our closets (like Savannah's on the left).

The gutter guy is scheduled to come this week and install gutters in the front of our house. The stager is coming this Friday. The painters are lined up to paint the exterior of our house next week. Then, we'll be ready for the realtor to take pictures and put a "For Sale" sign in our front yard.

Once our house sells, Tal and I are planning to buy a bigger house at a discounted price and in our preferred school zone. We're hoping for a quick sale!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Get It Sold

Tal and I are thinking about selling our house in the near future. For that reason, we spent last week doing repairs to get our house ready for sale (while Grandma Barbara took care of Savannah at the beach for a week). Since we're reluctant to invest a lot more into our house, Tal and I chose necessary, cost-effective fixes that (hopefully) will increase our chances of selling our house quickly.

1. To increase our house's curb appeal, Tal's uncle Kenny replaced the rusty gold lights on our front porch with a pair of $20 black lights:

2. Tal and Uncle Kenny removed the tacky blue sponge-painted counter top (that came with our house) in our master bathroom and installed a $60 laminate counter top from Home Depot. To save money, we kept the same sinks and faucets:

3. I replaced the gold knobs on the cabinet doors in our master bath with the silver ones below:

4. Tal and Kenny tore out the leaky, rotten windowsill in our master bath and built a new frame around the window. Tal and I primed and painted the window after Tal caulked the seams:

5. To appeal to more buyers, I painted over the red wall in our stairway with the same neutral buff color we have in the lower level of our house:

6. Tal and Kenny replaced 15 rotten pieces of siding around our house. Tal and I plan to have the exterior of our house repainted within the next couple months:

7. In an effort to create a positive first impression, I repainted our peeling mailbox post (with a missing number) and nailed on updated black house numbers:

Friday, August 6, 2010

18 Months Old!

I am 18 months old!

I like to pull the pots and pans out of the
cupboards and bang on them.

Sometimes the vacuum scares me.
Other times I help Mommy clean the floors.

I'm still wearing 12-18 month clothes.
I just started wearing size 5 shoes.

I've learned to say these words clearly
over the last few weeks:
"ish" (fish)

Although I can't say "please," "thank you," or "all done"
very clearly yet, Mommy and Daddy still understand
what I'm trying to say.

I often make sounds for these objects
since I can't say the words yet:
"vroooom" (Daddy's truck)
"woo-woo" (Dog)
"mooooo" (Cow)

I play hard at school, so most days
I'm tired when I get home. I almost never take a late
afternoon nap, but I did on the day pictured below: