Sunday, February 21, 2016

100th Day of School and Valentine's Day Party

Savannah's birthday was on Friday, February 12. It was also the 100th day of school! Savannah loved dressing up like a 100 year-old lady...with her glasses, dress, cardigan, tights, high heels, and hair in a bun:

To celebrate Savannah's birthday, I ate lunch with her in her classroom. Savannah requested to eat her first school lunch on her birthday. She loved the hot dog, strawberries, and chocolate milk from the school cafeteria!

After lunch, I stayed with Savannah, while she passed out her store-bought birthday cookies to her classmates...

...and exchanged Valentines with her friends:

Can you tell that Savannah was excited to celebrate her birthday, 
the 100th day of school, and Valentine's Day...all on the same day (February 12)?!

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