Monday, May 23, 2011


Last Saturday night, Tal, Savannah, and I were thrilled to celebrate Benny and EJ's engagement in Salter Path. 

We're looking foward to December 10, 2011 when Tal's brother Benny marries EJ!

Before the engagement party, Savannah and I dropped off Tal at the golf course, where he played a round of golf with Benny.

Savannah's shirt says, "If you think I'm kool, you should meet my Uncle Benny."
Savannah loves her Uncle Benny!

While Tal and Benny played golf, Savannah and I visited Grandma Barbara who was helping with Relay for Life. The event raised over $114,000 for the American Cancer Society!

Savannah loved riding and "driving" the golf cart with Grandma Barbara... well as eating cotton candy for the first time!

Here's our happy Savannah on our trip back home after a full and fun weekend:

Pattern Play

I recently added new bedding in our two guest rooms. I love the vibrant colors and cheerful patterns of blues, greens, creams, and whites.

In the coming months, I'm looking forward to adding night tables, lamps, curtains, and accessories that add personality and make our guests feel welcome. Another goal is to bring some brightness into the guest rooms, which stay shaded most of the day. Stay tuned! 

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Fan Finale

When Tal and I moved into our house in December, the ceilings had exposed wires, no lighting, or outdated fixtures:

In the family room, the previous owners had removed the ceiling fan (but not the rod):

In January, Tal and Craig installed ceiling fans in our bonus room and four bedrooms:

Last night, Tal and Craig used a 12-ft. ladder to install a ceiling fan in our family room, which has 18 ft. ceilings.  Having fans in our bedrooms and living areas has helped lower our energy costs and circulate the air!

Monday, May 9, 2011

4 Years Ago!

On Wednesday, Tal and I will celebrate our 4th wedding anniversary! Thankfully, our relationship is strong, and we're happier than ever.

At our wedding, Tal and I read aloud love letters that we had written for each other. Below is Tal's love letter to me:

Dear Rachel,

Why do I want to marry you? There is no one else that I would rather spend the rest of my life with.

I did not start out wanting to get married, and I had no idea of knowing I would want to BUT I cannot help but remember a year ago the thoughts that ran through my mind when I would go to church or a small group function. At that point in time, you and I had come a long way in getting to know one another, although we had a ways to go. I still consider the first blessing the times we were able to talk and learn about each other during our "40 Days of Purpose" campaign.

The things I learned about you during those times were the seed that was planted in my heart. That seed would grow into the desire to know you know. You were, are, and will continue to be a woman of strong faith, a woman of great principle, and my favorite--a woman who is simply unbelievable to know and be around.

As I have told you on many occasions, I don't know why it took me so long to call you. As I prayed and sought guidance from the people I love the most, I felt the calming power of the Spirit tell my heart, if I asked and you said yes, we would be destined for something special. I did not know at that time that we would end up where we stand tonight. I only knew that we would be two people who had a common heart, enjoying the company of the other, and when it boils down to basics, we would have fun sharing whatever life throws our way.

Your smile has come to be the one thing that I would not want to go through any of my days and not have the blessing to see and feel. When I hold your hand and pray with you, maybe agreeing with you on a need or simply giving thanks, the sound of your voice and the smile on your face when you say thank you is the most powerful expression. It amazes me to know that sometimes, I am (in part), why your smile is there or why it is so big and beautiful.

I hope that I am continually able to show you that I love you and that I have no desire to see my life without your blessed presence in it. I also hope to grow as I saw my dad grow in all the years he and my mom were married. I miss my dad dearly but what I do know is this--the man who taught me how to live, how to laugh and most importantly, how to love, would be fortunate to know you, just as I am. Plus, he would get a real kick out of his daughter-in-law.

On 24 February 2006, the Lord had begun a work in my heart. He has taken me to a place and has given my heart the desires of a true man (which I saw in my dad). The first is the call to be a godly husband, leader of my household, my home, my family. The second is to someday have my son meet a woman just like you and have the desire to be her and for her, what I desire to be for and to YOU.

Simply stated, why I want to marry you, there is no one else that I would rather have as my partner and face the rest of my life with, and someday have as the mother of my son or daughter than you, Rachel Elaine.

Thank you LORD for you, and thank you Rachel, for saying yes.


Mommy Day

Tal and Savannah made me feel so loved on Mother's Day! It was a perfect day filled with McDonald's for lunch, two Red Box movies for entertainment, and a Dairy Queen Blizzard for an afternoon treat. Plus, Savannah gave me lots of kisses and wished me "Happy Day, Mommy" many times!