Sunday, January 31, 2010

TV Drama

This morning Tal and I rearranged our living room to make room for our new TV console.

We love that our TV stand is low to the ground, hides our DVD's, and has glass doors, which deter Savannah from touching the buttons on our DVD player and cable box. So far, Savannah hasn't figured out how to open the cabinet doors! :-)

Savannah's First Snowfall!

We don't get much snow in NC. However, on Friday night and all day Saturday, we received 5 inches of snow. Our family is thankful that we didn't have an ice storm or lose our power. Over the last two days, we've enjoyed sleeping, cleaning, and playing inside. Tal spent several hours today cleaning off our cars and shoveling our sidewalks.

Today I bundled up Savannah, and she played in the snow for the first time! Savannah sat in the snow for a couple minutes before she decided to touch it and crawl around. Much to my surprise, Savannah didn't put any snow in her mouth! :-)

I'm predicting that school will be canceled on Monday due to lingering snow and icy roads. Unfortunately, that means I'll have to go to school on Saturday. Since I teach at a year-round school, we have to make-up snow days on Saturdays. Ugh! However, I'm thankful for these snow days because I can spend some extra time with Savannah.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Savannah slept 11 hours straight last night (Yippee!) and this is what her hair looked like when she woke up this morning. Our baby girl is almost one year old, and she finally has enough hair to have a bedhead. Yea! :-)

In 2010, I resolve to...

give Savannah lots of kisses and squeezes**read for pleasure each day**minimize the clutter in our house**spend more time with friends**update our living room**take pictures of Savannah's milestones**visit my family in Illinois**take 20-30 minutes each morning before I leave for school to complete 1 or 2 small chores (like putting in a load of laundry or picking up Savannah's toys)**take time to snuggle with Tal on the couch each night**save money for our summer vacation**give away or throw away things we haven't used in awhile**maximize my time with Tal and Savannah**organize our attic**blog each week to keep family and friends informed**dust our house more often**have a professional photographer take photos of our family.

Over the last few weeks, I've been reevaluating my goals and priorities. I'm already doing many of the things above faithfully, while I need to improve in other areas (like dusting our house). I'm hopeful that I'll accomplish all of these things this year, but we'll see what happens...

Monday, January 18, 2010

Just Floored

Tal and I have saved enough money to update our living room this year. In the coming months, we plan to install hardwood floors, as well as add a new couch, entertainment center, and area rug. As our budget allows, we'll also purchase new lamps, accessories, and storage cubes to hide Savannah's toys.

Our Living Room

All of our furniture is at least 12 years old and leftover from Tal's bachelor days. Tal and I are grateful that our furniture has lasted all these years, but we're looking forward to having a kid- friendly living room with adult furniture and a cohesive color sheme.

On Saturday, Tal and Uncle Kenny completed the first phase of our living room update. They spent 11 hours installing oak hardwood floors in our living room. The hardwood floors in our living room, dining room, and kitchen all match.

Tal and I love the results! Everyone agrees that our small living room seems much bigger with hardwood floors.

Yesterday Tal hooked up our new 40" flat-screen TV that Barbara and Benny gave us for Christmas. We love the color and sound!

Tal and I are eager to get an area rug as soon as possible. With the new hardwoods, Savannah slips and slides in the living room. On the bright side, Savannah does a great job dusting our floors when she crawls around. She's our little dust bunny! :-)

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Bottled Up

Our baby girl is growing up! Last night I packed up all of Savannah's bottles, as well as the bottle sterilizer and bottle warmer.

In December, Savannah started drinking sippy cups during the day and continued taking her bottles at night.

However, over the last couple weeks, Savannah has weaned herself off of her nighttime bottles. She must be eating enough solid food at dinner because she hasn't been interested in drinking milk during the night.

As I packed up Savannah's bottles, I felt a bit nostalgic thinking about Savannah as a newborn and how much she's grown over the last 11 months.

Perhaps in the next five years I'll miss the baby bottle stage. Right now, though, I don't miss cleaning, making, and warming up bottles. I am, however, enjoying more space on our kitchen counters! :-)

Monday, January 11, 2010

On Her Own

Savannah is showing more signs of independence. Over the last week or so, she's started standing on her own--with some help from the fireplace, coffee table, and end table.

Watch the video below to see Savannah use the fireplace to pull herself up, take a couple steps, and then let herself down gently onto the floor.

Tal and I are so proud of Savannah's progress and anticipate that she'll be standing (and maybe even taking a couple shaky steps) on her own by her first birthday (which is just a few weeks away)!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

11 Months Old!

I am 11 months old!

Mommy and Daddy can't believe
that I'll be one year old in just a few weeks.

Daddy always makes me laugh.

I like snuggling with Daddy, too.

I like playing with Mommy's belt when
she's getting ready for school.

Over the last 10 days, I've gotten pretty good at
using the fireplace bricks to help me stand up...

...and taking one or two steps towards
the end table or coffee table.

I love playing with my toys in the living room...

...and spreading them all over the floor.

I love opening and closing the
pantry door and playing peek-a-boo.

I love macaroni and cheese...

...and pizza, too!