Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Wedding Bells

On December 10, Tal's brother Benny and his fiancee EJ got married! It was a special day filled with many happy memories. (Thanks to Tal's cousin Joe for sharing many of the ceremony photos below.) 

EJ before the wedding

Flower Girls
Savannah and EJ's niece Avery

I cry every time I remember Savannah walking down the aisle as a flower girl. She took about 5 steps, dropped a few flower petals, and then ran down the aisle into her Uncle Benny's arms. Such a sweet moment!

  EJ and her Dad


Benny and EJ had a large wedding party with 11 people on each side. Tal served as Benny's best man, while I was a last-minute bridesmaid. Less than 30 minutes before the wedding, EJ learned that one of her bridesmaids was in the hospital.  Since I was wearing a black dress, EJ asked me to stand in the wedding (and I was happy to help!).

Husband and Wife!


Benny, Barbara, and Tal

Tal, Savannah, and Benny

Tal with his arm around Savannah

Grandma Barbara and Savannah

Half-way through the wedding ceremony,
Savannah crawled into Grandma Barbara's arms and fell asleep
for the rest of the service.

Grandma Barbara and Savannah


Blowing Bubbles

About to Cut the Cake

Bouquet Toss


Mother-Son Dance
Benny Singing

Savannah and EJ


Pretty Girls

One of my favorite memories was watching Savannah dance at the reception. For over an hour, she twirled and jumped to the music. Savannah had the best time!

Savannah and Uncle Benny

Savannah loved being a princess for the day so much
that she didn't want to take off her dress at bedtime.

Flower Girl in Training

On December 10, Savannah was blessed to be a flower girl (along with EJ's niece Avery) in Uncle Benny and Aunt EJ's wedding.

Here's Savannah at the rehearsal and dinner:

Making a Phone Call before the Rehearsal

Flower Girls
Avery and Savannah

Cuddling with Grandma Barbara

Getting Ready to Walk Down the Aisle

Savannah and Aunt EJ at Dinner