Wednesday, January 3, 2018

IL Road Trip: Part 1 (Traveling)

From December 27-January 2, the girls and I took a road trip from NC to IL to see my family. I took a relaxed approach on the trip. Instead of traveling 13.5 hours in one day, I broke up the trip into two days (7.5 hours on the first day and 6 hours on the second day).

I followed cues from Savannah and Hadley. When the girls were hungry or fussy, we stopped for a snack, lunch, or potty break every 2-4 hours. When the girls were sleeping, I drove until they woke up.

Overall, Savannah and Hadley were good travelers, and I was happy with their behavior when we were on the road. On their iPads, the girls listened to Kidz Bop, as well as watched a dozen shows that we'd downloaded from Netflix. They also colored with mess-free markers and played with Playdoh. In the back seat, I put a box next to the girls that was filled with snacks, drinks, and toys. Savannah helped by doling out snacks and toys and pacifying Hadley as needed.

The girls and I left our house on December 27 and traveled 7.5 hours. On the first day, we drove through four states: North Carolina, Virginia, West Virginia, and Kentucky. We spent the night at a Fairfield Inn in Lexington, KY that had an indoor pool and continental breakfast.

When we arrived in Lexington, we ate dinner at the Cracker Barrel that was next door to our hotel:

Then, we went swimming at our hotel. After a long day of traveling, the girls enjoyed burning off some energy in the pool and hot tub:

After swimming, we took showers and then relaxed by reading, listening to music, or watching our shows. We fell asleep exhausted at 7:30 P.M.:

Hadley had a fever, so she curled up with her blanket and baby on the hotel floor:

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