Monday, January 15, 2018

Everyday Moments

These random iPhone photos are dark, blurry, and untouched,
but they capture everyday moments from this week.

On Saturday morning, Savannah woke up and asked me if she could go through her books and toys in her bedroom. She filled a laundry basket with Goodwill donations!

Savannah's Bookshelves

Savannah's Bookshelf

Last week, the weather was warmer, so Tal grilled steak and pork chops for some of our meals. He also made dirty rice and corn on the cob to go with our meals:

Last summer, Savannah took over the responsibility of washing, drying, and putting away her clothes. Over the last month, Tal and I have shown Savannah how to make outfits when hangs up her clothes. Outfit planning has helped Savannah save a couple minutes each morning, as well as reduce decision fatigue!

A couple years ago, I converted three empty kitchen cabinets into hidden storage for some of the girls' puzzles, workbooks, and art supplies. This weekend, I decluttered and reorganized the messy cabinets:

On the top shelves, the girls have easy access to some playdoh, crayons, and markers. On the bottom shelves, the girls can find some games, paper, workbooks, and stamps:

In the cabinet below, I put some of the girls' workbooks, marbles, puzzles, and flashcards:

This weekend, Savannah's neighborhood friend Sky played at our house for a few hours. They enjoyed using the Easy Bake Oven that Uncle Benny and Aunt EJ gave Savannah for Christmas:

Savannah and Sky made two batches of cake pops with the Easy Bake Oven!

On MLK Day, Tal and I had the day off from work, so we took the girls to the mall for some family time. The girls played in the mall play area, and then we ate lunch in the mall food court:

American Girl Store

 This afternoon was Gold Medal Day at Savannah's gymnastics class. During her routine, Savannah showed off some of the skills she's learned:

Tal and I are proud of Savannah and her accomplishments!

Savannah received a medal for completing three years of gymnastics!

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