Friday, January 5, 2018

IL Road Trip: Part 7 (Return Trip)

On January 1, the girls and I started heading home to NC. When we left central IL, the temperature was 15 degrees below zero. Brrr!

We drove 7.5 hours through IL, IN, and KY and spent the night at a Fairfield Inn in Huntington, WV. After a long day of traveling, the girls and I enjoyed burning off some energy in the hotel pool:

The next morning, the girls and I ate a continental breakfast at the hotel, loaded up our Expedition, and started our last day of traveling:

During our 6-hour drive through WV, VA, and NC, the girls entertained themselves by listening to music and watching shows on their iPads. I listened to 35 podcasts (on our entire road trip), which helped time pass quickly and made the trip more enjoyable.

Overall, the girls were pretty good travelers. (We had some whiny sessions, sisterly fights, and 3-year-old meltdowns, but it could've been worse...considering that we spent 28 hours together in a car in one week.)

My Expedition (shown below) was covered in salt when we arrived home at 4 PM on January 2. The girls and I missed Daddy while we were on our road trip, and we were thrilled to see him when we got home. The girls and I were thankful for the opportunity to see my family in IL, as well as for safe travels, dry roads, and minimal traffic on our trip through 6 states!

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