Sunday, July 2, 2017

Flat Stanley Celebration

On June 29, I went to Savannah's Flat Stanley celebration in her classroom:

In May, Savannah colored Flat Stanley and mailed him 900 miles to Grandma Judy in Illinois:

During her class celebration, Savannah shared all of the things Flat Stanley did while he visited Grandma Judy:

Savannah talked about how Flat Stanley watched when a tree got cut down in Grandma Judy's yard, how he went on a motorcycle ride with Grandma's friend Duane, ate dinner with Savannah's 101 year-old Great Grandma, and visited a Civil War reenactment:

On the map, Savannah pointed to Illinois, where Grandma Judy lives:

Below are all of the places that Flat Stanley traveled to with Savannah's classmates. 
Flat Stanley traveled 4,000 miles to Madrid Spain:

During the celebration, Savannah gave me a tour around her classroom. She showed me her cubby where she keeps her backpack:

She showed me her behavior clip:

On the chore chart, Savannah pointed out that she was the line leader for the week:

 In the hallway, Savannah showed me the map of South America that she created with her partners. They researched South America and wrote down some facts they learned:

Savannah and her 2nd grade teacher Mrs. L. Smith:
 Savannah and Mommy

Savannah with her friends Gabby and Juliet:  

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