Saturday, July 15, 2017

Half Bathroom: Part 3 (Dry Fitting the Tile Floor)

Tal and I are making progress on our half bathroom makeover!

Earlier this week, Tal installed the backer board on top of the sub floor:

 The backer board provides a moisture and mildew barrier: 

Hadley was our adorable helper while Savannah was at Grandma Barbara's house this week:

Originally, Tal and I were going to lay this black and white tile in our bathroom. However, the pattern was too busy with our Sydney artwork. Plus, the pattern and size of the tile created some other issues with the cuts and grout lines around our floor vent and toilet flange:

In the end, we bought 10 pieces of the Galvano Charcoal Porcelain Granite tile right off the shelf at Lowe's. At $2.30 a square foot, it cost us less than $50 to tile the entire floor:

Today Tal dry fit the 12 x 24 tiles and laid them in a brick pattern:

In our garage, Tal set-up his wet saw on the tailgate of his truck...

...and cut the tiles to the correct size:

 Then, Tal laid the tiles on the floor to make sure they fit and were cut properly before he beds them in mortar tomorrow: 

 Tal is going to install the tile tomorrow, and then we will be ready to grout in a few days. We are going to use a black grout with 1/8 spacing to create a solid tile appearance with little contrast. Stay tuned!

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