Saturday, July 22, 2017

Summer Vacation 2017: Part 9 (Random iPhone Photos)

Below are some random iPhone photos that my niece Mya took during our summer vacation.

Savannah and Mya made cousin anklet bracelets:

At The Oceanic, Savannah and Mya ate shrimp and fries:

Savannah and Mya on The Oceanic Pier:

Riding the luggage cart at Shell Island Resort:

During our stay in Wrightsville Beach, Mya and Savannah loved playing games outside in the dark with Grandma Judy on the hotel patio:

Toilet shopping at Home Depot:

Hadley as a unicorn in Savannah's bedroom:

Mya buried Savannah in the sand:

 Savannah and Mya on the hotel balcony:

Packing up to go home!

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