Saturday, July 1, 2017

Kids Workshop

One of our favorite family activities is going to the free Kids Workshops at Home Depot on the first Saturday of each month. This morning Savannah and Hadley made bug houses. They enjoyed nailing the pieces together, painting their house, and tacking on the screen to keep their bugs inside the house. The Kids Workshop is always a great opportunity for Savannah and Hadley to be creative and practice some DIY skills!

We sat with Ella (one of Savannah's friends from school) and her sister Lily. 
(Ella and Lily's mom takes our family's Christmas pictures each year):

Savannah (left) and Hadley's (right) bug houses:

Before we left, Home Depot gave the girls cupcakes, juice boxes, and goodie bags to celebrate 20 years of Kids Workshops at Home Depot:

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