Saturday, April 2, 2016

Master Bedroom Makeover: Part 1 (Design Plan)

Check out my design plan for our master bedroom makeover! My goal is to create a romantic, coastal-inspired space in shades of teal, navy...and a little bit of hot pink. Teal, navy, and hot pink are already part of our whole-house color palette...but I'm using them in unexpected ways in our bedroom. When we're done, hopefully our bedroom will feel like the rest of our house. :-)

When paired together, navy and teal can appear dark and heavy, so I plan on keeping our room light and bright by using white bedding, picture frames, and curtains.

To save money, Tal and I are keeping our existing dresser and night stand. We are going to paint or stain both pieces and update them with oil-rubbed bronze knobs.

I am excited to get started and can't wait to see how our master bedroom makeover turns out!

1. Bedding and Upholstered Headboard: Tal and I are planning on trading in our 9-year old queen mattress and getting a king mattress...along with a tall upholstered panel bed and navy and white bedding.

2. Wall Color: We are keeping the same wall color (Venus Teal by Behr).

3. Rug: I would love to use this rug under our bed because it has all of the colors in our color scheme. However, Tal vetoed this rug when I showed it to him the first time, so I have some other rug options in mind if needed.
4, 5, 7, 8, and 11. Gallery Wall: I am creating a gallery wall around our TV. It will be combination of colorful art work (below) and black and white family photos. Tal and I have lived with blank bedroom walls for 5 years, and we are eager to hang our wedding photos (finally!). 

6. Art above Bed: We are hanging this large canvas above our bed. I love the coastal vibe in pink, navy, and teal hues.

9. Curtain Fabric: My mom and I used this fabric to make 7 curtain panels in our room.

10. Bed Pillows: This is an example of a pillow that I am considering for our bed.

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