Sunday, April 24, 2016

Garage Makeover: Reveal!

Our garage makeover is done!

Over the last two weeks, Tal and I have decluttered and painted our garage, as well as installed organizational systems for our tools, bikes, and equipment:

For years, Tal and I have struggled to keep our garage neat and organized. This time around we decided to invest the necessary time, energy, and money to do it right. Tal and I spent several weeks discussing how our family uses the space and mapping out a new layout for our garage makeover. We spent a lot of time measuring each zone and thoughtfully considering which organizational systems would best meet our family's needs for the next 5-10 years:

For our garage makeover, Tal and I chose a neutral, masculine, and utilitarian color scheme of gray and black. We painted the garage Urban Sunrise by Valspar:

Tal assembled this shelving unit, which holds our tools, paint supplies, and gardening items:

We created zones for bikes, mowing equipment, and lawn tools:

Tal ripped off the old carpet on the garage stairs, pulled out the staples, puttied the nail holes, and lightly sanded the stairs. Then, I gave the stairs two coats of black paint and a coat of poly (mixed with a nonskid additive):

Our garage makeover cost around $600, including paint supplies, storage containers, the shelving unit, and organizational systems and hooks.

Tal and I love coming home to a pretty and organized space!

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Giovanni said...

Your garage looks really organized. I need to get my garage in order. My wife has collected so much stuff that it is overflowing into the garage. I really want to use it as my work space. Looks like you picked some neutral colors, not too feminine or masculine. That is a good idea to hang tools from the wall.