Saturday, April 2, 2016

Master Bedroom Makeover: Part 2 (Premier Prints Bordeaux Navy Curtains)

Thanks to my mom for helping me make curtains for our master bedroom makeover! 

My mom did the sewing, while I did most of the cutting, pressing, and hemming:

We made 7 panels that were extra long (118 inches) for our 10-foot ceilings:

For each panel, my mom and I used 3.5 yards of Premier Prints Bordeaux Navy fabric ($9 per yard):

I selected this fabric with a navy geometric pattern on a white background to keep our room light and bright against our dark teal walls: 

The navy print adds some color and pattern to our room and complements our navy and white bedding:

To make the curtains, I started out by rolling out the fabric on our bedroom floor. I wanted our finished curtains to be 118-inches long, but I cut the fabric at 122 inches to allow for hemming:

Next, I pressed the top and sides of each panel before my mom sewed them:

Then, I used a pack of curtain clips (from Ikea) to hang each panel:

While the panels were hanging from the rod, my mom and I hemmed the bottom of each panel, so they barely touched the floor:

While my mom and I worked on the curtains, Savannah and Mya often camped out in our bedroom, where they ate snacks and watched movies:

Before I decided to make our curtains, I searched high and low for ready-made curtains online. Unfortunately, it was impossible to find 118-inch curtains for less than $500-$600 (for 7 panels). The good news is that our curtains (including curtain clips) cost around $35 each ($245 total), which is a bargain compared to similar curtains online. Curtains are expensive, and I'm happy that we saved around $300 by making the curtains ourselves. 

However, the best part about making the curtains was spending some extra time with my mom, whom I only see a few times each year!

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