Sunday, April 10, 2016

2016 Outdoor Updates: Part 1 (Demo)

Over the next couple months, Tal and I are making some changes to our side yard landscaping. The trees and bushes on the sides of our house are 16 years old. Some are dying. Some are overgrown. Some are tall and straggly. Some are prickly and hateful to maintain.


We are starting over...just like we have done to our front yard and back yard over the last few years. We are removing all of the old landscaping and planting new shrubs. 


Earlier this week, Tal used his chainsaw to cut down trees and bushes on both sides of our house. While he was working, the girls and I played in our backyard:

 Yesterday, he loaded all of the debris into his truck and took THREE trips to the landscape landfill. It was a big job, and Tal was exhausted when he was done. 

 Left Side (Before)

Left Side (After)

Next, Tal is going to dig up all of the stumps. Then, he is going to plant some short, low-maintenance bushes along the sides of our house. Finally, we are going to spread several truckloads of mulch. Tal has a lot of work ahead...stay tuned!

Right Side (Before)

Right Side (After)

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