Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Girls Day

Today Savannah and I celebrated her last day of track-out (vacation) by having a girls day! We dropped off Hadley at her sitter's house, and then Savannah and I spent some special one-on-one time together by going out to eat, shopping at several stores, and going to the spa. I loved spending the day with my favorite 1st grader before she goes back to school tomorrow!

Savannah and I ate breakfast at McDonald's and lunch at Moe's:

We read and checked-out books at the new public library in our neighborhood:

When I asked Savannah what she wanted to do for girls day, she repeatedly said that she wanted to get a pedicure at the salon. Savannah and I only get pedicures once or twice a year, so we enjoyed relaxing and getting pampered at the spa today.  The massage chairs made Savannah giggle!

Savannah loved her pink and purple rainbow toes!

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