Wednesday, October 14, 2015

New Hardwood Floors: Part 2

Our 50 cases of hardwood flooring were delivered today! Tal ripped out the carpet in our master bedroom today, too. We still need to remove the carpet from our living room and then prep the floors before Tal and Uncle Kenny start laying hardwoods in our kitchen, living room, and master bedroom in a few days.

On our first floor, we already have hardwoods in our entry, hallway, gym, and dining room. To save money, Tal and I decided to use the same flooring (Bruce Gunstock Oak in Dundee) in our kitchen, living room, and master bedroom. Our hardwoods aren't the trendiest or most modern hardwoods available, but they are the best option for us. They are durable, affordable, and medium-tone:


Currently, our house is a disaster...with dust and dirt everywhere. Tal and I are sleeping in Savannah's bed since we moved all of our bedroom furniture into our master bathroom. We have waited 5 years for new hardwoods, so it will be worth it when we're done!

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