Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Front Door Makeover

Over the last few months, Tal and I have been making our entry more colorful and attractive. In August, we stained the inside and outside of our front door. Although it is 15 years old, our door is beautiful, solid wood, and 10-feet tall: 

However, over the years, it has gotten scuffed up and lost its glossy finish:

 (Below are some pics of me and the girls on the same day that I shot the "before" pics of our door.)

To update our front door, Tal and I used a sock to apply two coats of 
Minwax Gel Stain in Hickory and  then one coat of poly to the interior and exterior.

Then, a couple weekends ago, we used spray paint to change the 
door hardware, kickplate, and hinges from gold to black: 

We used black spray paint to update our door bell, too:

Our door looks brand new!


Giovanni said...

Even though I have never actually noticed a front door, I am amazed at the difference that the condition of the front door actually makes to the home. It actually brings a more welcoming look to it. Seeing the whole house with the front door definitely gives it a unique aesthetic.

Universal Windows Las Vegas said...

this looks awesome and love the color.

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Unknown said...

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