Sunday, October 4, 2015

Happy Birthday, Tal and Hadley!

Happy 42nd birthday to Tal on October 3!
Happy 1st Birthday to Hadley on October 10!

This weekend our family celebrated Tal and Hadley's birthdays by eating dinner at 42nd St. Oyster Bar...a restaurant with special memories for me and Tal. In 2006, Tal asked me to marry him at 42nd St. Last year, Tal and I celebrated Tal's birthday there...and had our last date night before Hadley was born 7 days later. This year we had fun celebrating Tal's 42nd Birthday at 42nd St...our first time eating there as a family of four!

Hadley entertained everyone at the restaurant!

For dessert, we ate a yummy Chocolate Xtreme ice cream cake from Dairy Queen: 

Did you know that Hadley is named after Tal (and in memory of Tal's dad who passed away in 2003)? If Hadley would've been a boy, she would have been named Harold Talmadge Anderson IV. When Tal and I were researching boy nicknames for "Harold," we came across the name "Had." We didn't like "Had" as a boy's name, but Tal and I decided that Hadley would be a perfect name for our baby girl...who will be 1-year-old on October 10!

What a special weekend for two special people! 
We love you, Tal and Hadley! 

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