Saturday, June 9, 2018

Everyday Moments

These random iPhone photos are dark, blurry, and untouched,
but they capture everyday moments from this week.

Savannah finished chapter book #20!

During Savannah's gymnastics class, she showed off some of the new skills she's learned over the last 6 months: 

Savannah received a gold medal to celebrate 3.5 years of gymnastics:

On Thursday, our family enjoyed listening to live beach music, which is held at a local shopping center every Thursday night from April-September:

We arrived an hour before the concert started. We set up our beach chairs, and the girls ate Chick-fil-a for dinner:  

 During the concert, Hadley ate ice cream from Chick-fil-a:

 During specials on Friday, Savannah enjoyed signing yearbooks outside on the playground with the other 3rd grade classes:

On Friday, Savannah started phase one of her orthodontics treatment, which will last 12-15 months.

Over the next few weeks, Savannah will be getting top braces. On Friday, she got blue bands. Next week, she will have two teeth extracted:

Hadley brushed her baby's teeth:

This morning the girls used our June calendar offer when they ate a free breakfast and played at Chick-fil-a before we picked up our weekly groceries at Walmart:

Today Tal spent 7 hours spreading 3 truckloads of mulch around three sides of our house:

This afternoon the girls and I enjoyed cooling off at the new splash pad that's 10 minutes from our house. It was a fun and free way to burn some energy outside on a hot summer day! 

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