Sunday, June 17, 2018

Father's Day

Happy Father's Day to our favorite dad! On Father's Day, our family went to church. Then, Tal enjoyed watching the US Open on TV, as well as playing a round of golf in the afternoon.

Before church, Daddy opened his card from Savannah and Hadley:

Savannah wrote a note inside the card and then traced around her hand and Hadley's hand:

Savannah was excited to show Daddy the card she made for him at school:

My Dad
Name: Tal
Age: 44
Weight: ? ("because Daddy is losing weight")
Hobbies and interests: golf, coloring with me, watching our team (Go Wolfpack!)
Favorite Color: red and white
Favorite Sport: all of them
Love, Savannah

Always Nice
The first best
Having time with me
Enjoys sports
Run with friends

Kisses for Daddy

A couple weeks ago, Tal's brother Benny gave him an Anson belt. Tal loved how comfortable and adjustable the belt was, so he bought himself a set of three belts and two buckles for Father's Day:

Happy Father's Day from your girls!

We love you, Daddy!

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