Saturday, February 25, 2017

Backyard Retaining Wall: Part 1

Today Tal started building a retaining wall in our backyard to address some drainage issues. To get started, he used some stakes and string to create a straight line for the retaining wall:


Tal bought 48 of these concrete wall blocks from Home Depot for $1.88 each. He chose the buff color because it complements the cream siding on our house:

Then, Tal loaded the blocks into his truck:

He leveled the ground and placed the heavy blocks in a straight line: 

After three hours of hard work, this is how much Tal accomplished today. Next weekend, he plans to get another load of blocks from Home Depot and continue building the retaining wall!

 P.S. I thought it was adorable how Hadley sat in a chair and ate her snack while Tal built the retaining wall. Her feet are precious!

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