Friday, February 10, 2017

NC State Gymnastics

Savannah, who turns 8 on Sunday, loves gymnastics! Tonight our family kicked off Savannah's birthday weekend by watching women's gymnastics at NC State University (Tal's alma mater). NC State competed against UNC, William and Mary, and Pittsburgh in four events: vault, balance beam, floor exercise, and uneven bars. Each event lasted about 25 minutes, and there was a 6-minute break between each event. UNC won the meet and beat NC State by 0.5 points.

It was a fun, family-friendly evening! Our family sat on the front row and got a close-up view of the gymnasts. Also, it was Princess Night,so lots of little girls were dressed as Disney princesses. Plus, the announcers played all Disney songs over the loudspeakers and asked Disney trivia questions, which made the evening enjoyable for Savannah and Hadley. We'd love to go to another gymnastics meet sometime!

"The strength of the Pack is the Wolf, and the strength of the Wolf is the Pack:"

Tal, Savannah (7), and Hadley (2)

Floor Exercise

Savannah cheered loudly in hopes one of the cheerleaders would throw a free T-shirt her way:

Balance Beam

Savannah and Hadley were well-behaved during the meet. They stayed in their seats and were engaged the entire time: 

 During one of the breaks, Tal took the girls to get ice cream and a drink:

Cheering for NC State:

Savannah hugged the wolf Simba: 

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