Saturday, February 4, 2017

Everyday Moments

These random iPhone photos are dark, blurry, and untouched,
but they capture everyday moments from the last couple weeks.

Savannah made this Native American mask in art class: 

Bedtime storytime with Hadley:

Thanks to our cousin Brandi who gave Hadley this smile outfit for Christmas:

Over the last two weeks, Savannah has been working on her Marvelous Me poster, which includes pictures of her, our family, and her interests. Savannah will share her poster with her class next week:

Hadley has been perfecting her silly faces during potty breaks:

Over the last year, Hadley has been calling Savannah "Sissy."
This week Hadley started calling her "Nah." 

Savannah got a 100% on her spelling test!

Savannah's school pictures from the last 3 years:

 Tal attended a work conference three days this week. At the conference, Tal and his colleagues assembled 20 bikes for children at the local Boys and Girls Club.

Over the next 12 weeks, I'm participating in the Biggest Loser competition at my school. When I paid the $25 participation fee, I received a FREE 5-month membership to the YMCA in our neighborhood. This week the girls and I went swimming in the play pool at the Y. It was a fun way to burn off some energy on a cold winter day!

The play pool is only 1 ft 9 in deep, so Hadley and Savannah can play in the water independently. (Plus, there is a lifeguard on duty.)

Hadley slid down the slide over 20 times without stopping to rest:

At times, Hadley was more interested in playing with the pool toys than swimming in the water:

While Savannah was at gymnastics, Hadley and I stopped by the Benjamin Moore store and picked up some paint swatches for the girls' bathroom makeover. I am going with a mermaid theme (Savannah's request) and a pink, navy, and turquoise color scheme (that coordinates with other colors in our house). I am going to paint the walls pastel pink and the cabinets navy, as well as add some mermaid decor, a new shower curtain, and new bath mats. Tal and I are going to wait until 2018 to replace the floor tile, install new counter tops, and add new fixtures:

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