Monday, February 13, 2017

Mommy-Daughter Birthday Date

On February 8, Savannah and I took the afternoon off from school and had a Mommy-Daughter date to celebrate Savannah's birthday (on Feb 12). We loved spending some one-on-one time together! First, we went to the 12:15 showing of  "Sing" at the movie theatre in our neighborhood. "Sing" was a cartoon musical that included lots of Kidz Bop songs that Savannah and I recognized. (It was Savannah's first time seeing a movie in a theatre! In the past, Savannah hadn't been too interested in going to the movies or watching the same movie for two hours):

Savannah and I were the only ones in the movie theatre!

I'm not very good at taking selfies with my big camera, but here's a picture of me and Savannah:

After the movie, Savannah and I went to a spa in our neighborhood and got pedicures. We love getting our feet pampered, but we only do it 1-2 times a year on special occasions:

Savannah and I loved reading and relaxing while we got our pedicures:

Savannah got her toes painted in a pink and purple pattern with white dots:

I got my toes painted purple:

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