Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Tal's Project

For months, I've written about Tal's "project," but I've been deliberately vague about the details. In reality, when Tal was working on his "project," he was actually taking computer classes and studying for his certification exams.

Last year, Tal decided he was ready for a career change. After working for the same organization for 15 years, Tal decided to go back to school to become certified to work in information technology.

From June 2011-April 2012, Tal took 9 computer classes and passed 9 certification exams. After working 8 hours at his regular job, Tal attended classes 4 nights a week (Monday-Thursday) from 6-10 P.M. Each class lasted 2-4 weeks. In between each class and on the weekends, Tal was busy studying for his exams.

I'm proud of Tal for realizing that he was unhappy in his current job, taking the necessary steps to change his career, and for excelling in his classes. (In fact, Tal was Student of the Month earlier this year!)

In the coming months and years, Tal and I believe the Lord is going to bless Tal for his hard work and perseverance!

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